Bray Wyatt's Win over Chris Jericho Improves His Standing in WWE

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistAugust 20, 2014

Bray Wyatt
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Bray Wyatt defeated Chris Jericho at WWE SummerSlam on Sunday, August 17.  The match was the result of several weeks' worth of heat between the two men, and it could very well be that this rivalry is far from over.

But the fact is that Wyatt definitely has the advantage with his win at SummerSlam.  And while many fans already believed he was meant for great things in WWE, it was his win over Jericho that truly improved his standing in the company.

From the moment that The Eater of Worlds debuted in WWE, the fans knew he was something special.  His previous incarnation as Husky Harris was a thing of the past, a failed gimmick that was better left far behind him.

And in its place stood arguably one of the most compelling, most captivating characters in WWE history. 

Like Jake "The Snake" Roberts before him, Wyatt operated on a cerebral level most Superstars would dare not approach, as most guys would not be very convincing or successful at it.

Running the type of gimmick Wyatt does requires a total commitment and a willingness to become completely immersed in the character.  Wyatt did that and then some.

The truth is that he was just flat-out believable.  He wore the character like a second skin, and, despite the bizarre nature of it, fans readily accepted him.  This was due to the work WWE did introducing and supporting him as well as the work Wyatt did to get over in the first place.

And he got over on a very high level.

Of course, success with a gimmick does not necessarily translate to success in a career.  No matter how believable Wyatt was, it was what he did in the ring and what the company wanted to do with him that made the character more important.

Since debuting on WWE's main roster, Wyatt has gone 7-4 on the pay-per-view stage, per  While only three more wins than losses may not sound very impressive, he beat Daniel Bryan, Kane and John Cena.  All three men have been at the top of WWE, and even though Wyatt did not win the feud with Cena, he did give the company's top star all he could handle.

And now Wyatt can add Jericho to the list of men he's beaten on the worldwide stage.

Again, this rivalry is likely far from over, as each man has won a match so far.  But the fact that Wyatt would be given the kind of spotlight he enjoys on a weekly basis with his family speaks volumes about the obvious faith WWE has in him to deliver.

Winning over Jericho and potentially winning the feud is just more proof of that.

A Superstar's status in the company can only improve with good wins over quality opponents.  Jericho is a former WWE and World Heavyweight champion, a man who has been featured in main event matches all over the world.  Jericho's time in the main event spotlight may no longer be a full-time career for him, but he still commands respect from WWE fans everywhere.

A win over Jericho is definitely a win over a quality opponent.

And much of the respect Jericho has from fans is due to the fact that he now spends his days in WWE giving back to the next generation.  Wyatt is part of that generation, and his future main event career hinges not only on the amount of wins he has now but also on the star power of the men he beats in the ring.

Defeating Jericho in one match does not necessarily mean Wyatt is on his way to the top of the company, but it does help establish him as a Superstar to be reckoned with.  And that is the best part by far for Wyatt.

What happens now with Wyatt and Jericho is unknown, but the truth is that The Eater of Worlds took the best that Y2J has to offer and overcame the odds to win in the end.  And now, Wyatt's star is burning just a little bit brighter than it was before.