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As a somewhat functioning member of the Cleveland sports blogosphere, Cleveland Reboot serves its reading public by offering analysis and commentary, providing day old news and references and hopefully sharing a mocking laugh that attempts to strangle the pretentiousness in all of us who have a voice regarding the teams and community we care about.

With such a wealth of information and opinion found online regarding the Browns and the NFL in general, we realize that it is hard to find the information and commentary you are seeking, especially when it comes to such pressing questions as:

1. Will Eric Mangini finally restore the Browns to their once great heights of success?

2. Who will emerge as the Browns' starting QB for the future?

3. Will Syndric Steptoe play a vital role again in December?

4. How old is Hank Poteat? Is he really going to be a starter?

5. Is Peyton Manning or Tom Brady the better choice for my fantasy football team?

Considering the struggles the Browns are likely to face in 2009, based on another regime change and a roster in transition, the last question is more reflective of many Browns' fans desire to divert their attention in 2009 to the realm of fantasy.

Much like the idea of the Browns' defense becoming an aggressive, vicious, attacking unit in 2009, perhaps the hopes of fans of our great organization are better placed in a world based solely on make-believe.

So, in the spirit of community awareness and mindless speculation, and as a public service to all the readers of the site, Cleveland Reboot proudly offers its 2009 Fantasy Football Preview. Consider this as your ultimate source for fantasy football.

The staff of Cleveland Reboot thinks fantasy football is a complete waste of time and inflates the value of players based on often meaningless statistics. Although initially designed for fun and as a way to enhance the game experience, fantasy football cheapens the sport and most of its' participants become dumber in the process.

Anyway, you've sent questions and we have answers.

I have the first pick in my fantasy league. It's me, my cousin Rick and two guys I work with. Who should I take?
-J.R., Solon

Ummm...I don't know, your cousin? In building a quality team, you should start with the basics. How about an offensive tackle? I like Walter Jones, but he's starting to age. How about Joe Thomas or Ryan Clady? Oh wait, left tackles don't have any stats in fantasy football? Oh...well, screw you.

Should I take Adrian Peterson in the first round, or wait for a player like Matt Forte in the later rounds?
-Matt, Geneva

I'm pretty sure Peterson and Forte have already been drafted. (I had no idea how uninformed these readers were.)

Does L.T. have anything left in the tank? He's been a touchdown machine before, but I'm worried about taking him high.
-Jason, Frankfort

Based on his recent past, it appears L.T. breaks down heading into the playoffs. say that your fantasy season ends in December? Oh, well who cares then?

Is Peyton Manning the greatest fantasy quarterback ever?
-Tommy, Oak Grove

Manning is pretty good in reality, too. But, then again, I guess it depends on what kind of fantasy you had in mind.

Who in Dallas loses the most now that Terrell Owens has gone to Buffalo?
-Alex, Central Station

Probably fantasy nerds like you, who base a player's value solely on stats.

Is Jay Cutler worth drafting as quarterback of the Bears?
-Dennis, Springfield

I'm thinking it was worth it for the Bears to trade for know, in reality.

Who is the first Browns player that should be taken in my upcoming fantasy draft?
-Rick, Parma

I think the selection of Joe Thomas would be a good start. However, if we're dealing in fantasy, I would grab David Veikune. To think that he will smoothly transition to the NFL and contribute in his first year is pure fantasy.

Who is primed for a big bounce-back year?
-Janice, Bloomfield

It was reported that Isaac Sowells fell the other day in his basement. That could be something worth looking into.

Who is a safer pick: Tom Brady or Matt Cassell?
-Buddy, New Haven

A safer pick to do what? Play quarterback in the NFL? Do you even watch football?

In my keeper league, I hold the rights to Brett Favre, but I'm concerned about his prospects in going to Minnesota. What should I do?
-Peter, Connecticut

What the hell are you talking about? Are you Favre's agent or something?

Which team's players will benefit most from an easy schedule?
-Barbershop, Elyria

Wouldn't the teams be the ones who benefit from an easy schedule?

Any tips on sleeper picks in 2009?
-Carlos, Mansfield

I hear Derek Anderson is a fan of the occasional power nap.

I am torn and I need help. I really want to take Brandon Marshall, but I'm worried about his contract situation and off the field issues. Help!
-Teddy, Omaha

Calm down, kid. Perhaps you should consider joining a Fantasy Malcontent League. In such an environment, I would trade up to grab Marshall. Is Plaxico still in the league? Take him, too.

What veteran has flown under the radar and could be a good value pick?
-Mason, Columbia

I can list dozens of quality veterans around the league, but unfortunately, they're all linemen and it's doubtful you have heard of them.

Who is the best pick for a backup quarterback?
-Glenn, Cincinnati

The one who doesn't have to play.

I have serious concerns about Brett Favre going to Minnesota. I'm worried that his legacy will be tarnished.
-Peter, Connecticut

Although it's a Favre question, this is one that is somewhat football related. Wait a minute, is this Peter King? Oh, grow up.

Who is the best long-shot wide receiver?
-Syndric, Berea

Considering the Browns' depth at WR this year, this is your time to shine.

Stop stealing my stuff. The mailbag is the only thing I have left.
-Tony G., Cleveland

You are the best and you inspire me everyday.

Well, I hope that helped. If your question was not answered, feel free to email Cleveland Reboot here .

Check back next April for Cleveland Reboot's 2010 Mock Draft and as always, good luck with your teams in 2009. Oh, and if you get the opportunity, try actually watching an entire NFL game this year, instead of just the highlights.


By Cleveland Reboot
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