WWE: SummerSlam and RAW Fallout, What's Next for Lesnar, Ambrose and More

Team Stream NowB/R VideoAugust 19, 2014

Brock Lesnar is the new WWE World Heavyweight champion, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose continue to feud, and John Cena is still M.I.A.

Despite being arguably the second-biggest show of the year—one that usually sees the culmination of  storylines—WWE SummerSlam matches have led to the continuation of many feuds.

Lesnar was celebrated as the new WWE World Heavyweight champion. Paul Heyman once again cut a top-five promo, but with Cena nowhere to be found, it's likely he will return to once again challenge Lesnar to a rematch.

Like most kayfabe WWE contracts, Cena's has a rematch clause. The most heroic form of action would see him challenge Lesnar just to prove to himself that he can stand tall with WWE's most dominant champion in years.

WWE's most heated feud has pitted Rollins against Ambrose. The pacing of this feud looks like it will take the two stars through the end of 2014 and possibly beyond. Rollins' curb stomp of Ambrose on the cinder block will surely keep Ambrose out of action for weeks, prolonging their feud.

Another feud that should be prolonged is Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns. Reigns stands to gain a lot by working with a veteran such as Orton, who may or may not form an alliance with Ric Flair in the near future.

Orton's character needs something extra in order to better evolve this feud, and the Nature Boy could be the trick.

One of WWE's greatest tricks is Twin Magic, a maneuver popularized by the Bella Twins. With the pair now split, expect the two to feud as Stephanie McMahon slowly transitions away from her feud with Brie and into a feud with the aforementioned Cena.


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