Making Call on the Green Bay Packers' Hardest Remaining Cuts

Matt Stein@MatthewJSteinCorrespondent IIAugust 20, 2014

Making Call on the Green Bay Packers' Hardest Remaining Cuts

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    With just a few weeks left until the regular season, the time is coming for the Green Bay Packers to make some roster cuts.

    Some of those cuts will be easy. For example, the undrafted free agent who has performed poorly during training camp and the preseason is a no-brainer to cut.

    However, for every easy release there is a difficult one to match it. There's that player who has been on the roster bubble all camp long due to his stellar play, but you just can't seem to figure out a way to keep him.

    Today we're going to make the call on the most difficult roster cuts the Packers have to make. We'll factor in position depth and preseason performance and then give you a verdict as to whether the Packers will keep or cut them.

QB Matt Flynn

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    Despite starting the first preseason game against the Tennessee Titans, it's looking like Matt Flynn is now the third quarterback on the depth chart. It was Scott Tolzien who excelled against the Titans and it was Scott Tolzien who was the first one off the bench in Week 2 against the St. Louis Rams.

    So, what does this all mean for Flynn? Well, it means that his roster job might not be as safe as it was just a handful of weeks ago.

    The Packers originally wanted to keep three quarterbacks on their final roster because of what happened last year with their backups. However, Tolzien has proved in his two performances that he's the only backup that the Packers currently need.


    Verdict: Cut

    The Packers rarely keep three quarterbacks, so it's hard to picture them doing it now. Flynn has become a sort of fan favorite these past years, but that won't be enough to keep him on the final roster.

WR Myles White

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    The problem for wide receiver Myles White is that he plays at a position of incredible depth. Even if the Packers were to keep seven receivers on their final roster, it'd be hard to make a case for White to be one of the seven.

    White is certainly a talented player, but he hasn't performed as well as other receivers buried on the depth chart. For example, both White and rookie Jeff Janis had one reception against the Rams. The difference is that White's reception was for two yards while Janis broke his for 34 yards and a touchdown.

    What's ultimately going to decide whether White stays or leaves is upside, and White simply doesn't have as much as who he's competing against on the roster.


    Verdict: Cut

    With Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Jarrett Boykin and Davante Adams holding down four spots, the Packers will only have two more roster spots left, at the very most. Janis is looking like he deserves one, and White hasn't made a strong enough case that he deserves the other.

OLB Nick Perry

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    With each preseason game that passes, Nick Perry gets closer and closer to being off the roster. While outside linebackers Jayrone Elliott and Adrian Hubbard were combining for four sacks against the Rams, Perry was barely getting pressure on the quarterback.

    The biggest issues with Perry since he was drafted have been his health and his production. Well, now that he's finally healthy, he's failed to produce in any notable way. He's been out-shined by undrafted free agents like Elliott and Hubbard.

    If the Packers are going to keep Perry as a backup, he's going to need to prove that he can get after the quarterback.


    Verdict: Keep

    I just don't think the Packers are quite ready to give up on Perry just yet. Now if it was me running the Packers, Perry would already be gone.

    Players need to show improvement and production, and Perry has done neither. This year will definitely be the last chance he has in Green Bay.

OLB Andy Mulumba

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    Just like with Perry, outside linebacker Andy Mulumba is facing a potential roster cut due to his lack of overall production. Unfortunately, unlike Perry, the Packers don't have a first-round pick invested in Mulumba.

    Mulumba made some noise last year when the Packers linebackers were ravaged with injuries. Now that the Packers signed Julius Peppers, Mulumba is listed as the third right outside linebacker now on the depth chart.

    Now it's possible that the Packers could keep six outside linebackers on their final roster. However, if they do that it'd make sense to keep a player with a huge amount of upside like Carl Bradford, Elliott or Hubbard.

    It's definitely going to be difficult for Mulumba to make the final roster.


    Verdict: Cut

    Six outside linebackers is a lot of outside linebackers to keep on the final roster, but the Packers may be forced to do it. Mulumba has a chance to sneak in at that sixth spot, but right now it has to go to Elliott, who is coming off a three-sack performance against St. Louis.

    Look for Mulumba to continue to battle but to ultimately come up short in his quest for one of the last roster spots.

CB Demetri Goodson

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    The Packers invested a sixth-round pick on cornerback Demetri Goodson because they loved his upside. Unfortunately, Goodson has failed to consistently show that upside to the Packers.

    He's been a dud in camp so far, and he hasn't fared much better during the two preseason games. In fact, it was Goodson's pass interference that was so crucial in the Packers' loss to the Titans in the first preseason game.

    The other thing working against Goodson is that the Packers actually look deep at cornerback this season. Unless Goodson shows something incredible in these next two weeks, it's hard to see the Packers holding on to him.


    Verdict: Cut

    Goodson's upside may be tempting, but we've yet to see much of that upside. It's never good to get rid of a sixth-round pick before the season starts, but that's what the Packers need to do with Goodson.