To Hell With Charlie Weis

Ryan Senior Writer IMay 6, 2008

Apparently, Charlie Weis is out to rekindle a rivalry.

Them's fightin' words to me.  "To hell with Michigan," hey?  Well ease up there, Charles.

Charlie also guaranteed a victory this season against the Maize and Blue, citing that Michigan would "come into South Bend with excuses for a loss." 

Hey, Charles? Weren't you the guy with a 3-9 team last year? Weren't you the team we teabagged 38-0 after the “Game That Never Happened” and the Oregon debacle?

Didn't your "golden boy" quarterback spend more time on his back than throwing passes?  Should you, of all people, really be talking smack to us?

Listen, Charles.  I understand.  The rivalry is there already.

You've been insignificant since you started at Notre Dame aside from getting your butts handed to you by us and failing at life in general.

I get what you're trying to do.  But don't overlook Michigan, especially when you're in arguably worse shape in the present time.  

As for these excuses we plan to make?

Well, I think it'll be a lot more fun to hear you back peddle when we take that "guarantee" and shove it down your throat.  That is, if we can fit it in there with all the donuts, Good n' Plenty's and whatever else you've got crammed in there.

Don't worry about Michigan, Charles.  We're liking the doubters.  We're liking being taken lightly. 

August 31, Charles.  August 31. Hope you enjoy crow.