UFC Undisputed and TUF: Bringing In New Fans

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UFC Undisputed and TUF: Bringing In New Fans
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Last night was the first UFC PPV that I watched with several of my close friends.  And I can easily point to the two main reasons The Ultimate Fighter and UFC Undisputed.

Back when I first got home from college in early May several of my friends were at my house and I was watching TUF 9 they figured oh well its just an hour lets watch.  The next week they were there again soon they were calling me to make sure I was watching the next weeks episode.  Then came the finale and with the great performances especially Clay Guida and Deigo Sanchez.  They loved it.

A couple days later my friend called me to say he had just gotten a Playstation 3 so he went out bought UFC Undisputed.  With UFC 100 approaching they wanted to try and figure out who would win so after countless hours they told me that based on the video game and everyone taking turns as each fighter Bisping and Lesnar would win for sure and GSP and Alves could go either way.  I picked Henderson and GSP to win easily and Lesnar to beat Mir but really hoped Mir would be able to pull off the upset again and explained how I based my picks off past performances and the facts that I knew a lot of this stuff through websites with MMA news.

Then Saturday night got here my friends and I found a bar showing the fights closer to us then where I usually go to watch the fights.  At the end of the night they were asking me all about the websites I use to find my MMA news and planning on watching UFC 101 together.

Dana White has said the sport is infectious and once you watch it you want to see it again but many new fans are being introduced to watching the sport through TUF and UFC Undisputed.

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