WWE SummerSlam 2014: Stars Who Shined the Brightest on Big Stage

Sharon GlencrossContributor IAugust 18, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

At WWE's SummerSlam pay-per-view, numerous stars on the roster shined and helped create one of best shows of the year.

Some are the ones you would have expected to flourish—others are more surprising.

For example, Stephanie McMahon deserves a ton of praise and acclaim for her in-ring performance.

Going into the Los Angeles event, few could have been expecting much out of her match with Brie Bella. And for good reason: McMahon is not a wrestler, and Bella's in-ring track record is patchy at best.

Credit: WWE.com

But credit to McMahon: She entered a tremendous performance here—her work was smooth, well-timed and convincing. She was clearly trying very hard to churn out something good and entertain the fans in attendance.

Honestly, she put to shame some of the full-time girls on the roster, like Rosa Mendes and Cameron, with her effort.

Paige was another woman who made a big statement on the show.

After a difficult first couple of months in WWE, she finally hit her stride with her jealous, duplicitous heel character. Her career resurgence was topped off by defeating AJ Lee in a solid match and winning back her Divas Championship.

Credit: WWE.com

With a great act and the booking team firmly behind her, look for the British star to emerge as one of the biggest female stars in the company. Can anything stop her now?

In other news from the card, Roman Reigns continued his ascension up the card with a clean and solid win over Randy Orton.

The win over Orton—one of the biggest stars in the company—aids his credibility greatly. He’s indisputably a major name now. Notably, announcer Michael Cole was going out of his way to emphasize the victory and what it meant for his WWE future.

The former Shield member's in-ring work here was very respectable and solid too, helping to make his bout with The Viper one of the real highlights of the show.

Credit: WWE.com

In particular, Reigns going for his Superman Punch finisher only for Orton to reverse it into a stunning RKO was one of the most memorable in-ring spots of the year. That was fabulous.

Credit to the star: He's really justifying his push and proving he can hang in the main event.

Brock Lesnar—potentially someone Reigns will feud with in the future—also emerged from the Staples Center looking like more of a star than ever before.

Credit: WWE.com

Indeed, the former MMA star destroyed and downright embarrassed Cena en route to taking his WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It was astounding how much he dominated the 12 Rounds actor—he made him look like a total jobber. Cena barely got any offense in; it was one of the most one-sided WWE main events ever.

Has Lesnar’s star ever shone as brightly as it did here? I don’t think so.

Following their sterling performances at SummerSlam, it will be interesting to see where the aforementioned wrestlers go from here.

Can they continue to succeed? Stay tuned.