Areas Where Everton's Kevin Mirallas Can Improve This Season

Elko Born@@Elko_BContributor IAugust 19, 2014

Areas Where Everton's Kevin Mirallas Can Improve This Season

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    Last season, Kevin Mirallas made a total of 32 appearances for Everton, scoring eight goals and creating 61 chances in total, per Squawka.  

    Those numbers are impressive for a winger and attacking midfielder such as Mirallas. Nonetheless, it's fair to state the Belgian can develop his skills even further in the coming season. 

    If he manages to take the next step, he can become one of the better players representing a club outside of the Premier League's traditional top four. 

    Here, we take a look at three things Mirallas can do to become a better player this season. 

Score More Goals

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    Last year, Mirallas scored eight goals in in 32 matches. While that's not a bad tally by any means, it can—and must—improve this season.

    In 2013-14, team-mate Romelu Lukaku scored 15 goals in 31 appearances, while fellow attacking midfielder Ross Barkley scored six in 34. 

    Of course, the main task of wingers and attacking midfielders is to create—it's up to the main strikers to finish. But actually scoring is part of Mirallas' job description as well.

    As one of Everton's most important attacking players, Mirallas should aspire to score at least 10, maybe 15 goals in a season. 

Do More Defensive Work

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    Last year, Mirallas did well on the creative front by fashioning out a total of 61 chances. Should he score a few more goals this year, fans will have little to complain about when it comes to Mirallas' attacking capabilities. 

    But modern football asks a lot of players, and where defenders are now expected to do their bit in attack, attackers—especially wingersare expected to defend.

    Last year, Mirallas averaged one defensive action per match, according to Squawka. Team-mate Ross Barkley had the same average but fellow Premier League attacker Wayne Rooney managed to average two per game. 

    When playing on the left wing, Mirallas is supposed to track back and eliminate the opposition's right full-back. The way the game is played these days, there is no way around that. 

    To become a better player, Mirallas must become all-round, and therefore better at defending.

Peak at the Right Time

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    As was reported by Joe Strange of the Daily Mail, a week ago Mirallas paired up with team-mate Lukaku to hit the gym and prepare for the Premier League season.

    Both players had represented Belgium at the World Cup in Brazil, and consequently both players had received some extra time off. 

    Now, Mirallas has had a bit of a delay when it comes to returning to fitness. While some of his team-mates have enjoyed an extensive preparatory campaign, Mirallas has only just started training again.

    With a long and busy year ahead of him, Mirallas must make sure he returns to fitness, but he mustn't tire himself too early. 

    To avoid fatigue and develop into a better player, his fitness must peak at exactly the right time this year.