UFC Braces For The Brock Lesnar Era

Tim ListAnalyst IJuly 12, 2009

Add USA TODAY  to the growing list of media outlets discussing the awesome dominance of Former WWE Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion and brand new UFC Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar.
In the story, reporter Beau Dure declares the following:
The Brock Lesnar era has begun in earnest. The hulking Lesnar left little doubt on the ownership of Ultimate Fighting Championship's heavyweight title, pummeling Frank Mir to avenge his one career loss with a second-round TKO at Mandalay Bay Events Center. The postfight interview resembled a pro wrestling scene, with Lesnar yelling at the crowd to bring on the boos.
It appears as though the Brock Era has truly begun in the Ultimate Fighting Championships. Backstage news of Dana White chewing out Lesnar for his antics and his dis of the corporate sponsor Budweiser, as well as Lesnar's apology, are being reported HERE