Are the San Jose Sharks the NHL's Phoenix Suns?

Divya ParmarSenior Analyst IMay 6, 2008


This idea just came to me the other day. Are the San Jose Sharks the Phoenix Suns of the NHL? There are many similarities between the two teams.

Both have been expected to win a championship for many years. Sharks fans have said "this is our year" for the last 5 years. Suns fans have expected a championship for the last 3 or 4 years. Experts pick both these teams to win it all every season, but both teams fall short and let down their fans.

Neither of these teams has gotten over the hump in the playoffs. Both teams are extremely talented, but manage to "choke" in the playoffs to lesser talented teams.

Both teams have all the talent in the world, but lack intangibles like toughness, heart, and clutchness. Both teams don't play good defense. The Sharks don't have a great defenseman, while Amare Stoudamire isn't a good defender for the Suns.

Both the Sharks and Suns have one great superstar passer/ "assist man". Steve Nash's passing and distributing makes the Suns go where they need to go. Joe Thorton does the same for the Sharks.

Both teams have a coach on the hot seat because of the playoff failures, Ron Wilson for the Sharks, Mike D'Antoni for the Suns.

Both teams have an arch nemesis. The Spurs are the Suns nemesis, while the Anaheim Ducks are the Sharks nemesis.

Both teams are extremely flawed. The Sharks can't play physical style hockey, while the Suns struggle in a half court defensive game.

All in all, both the Sharks and Suns are extremely fun, talented, and interesting teams, but neither will ever win anything significant.