Even After UFC 100, MMA Is Still Not Mainstream

Nate DoubleAnalyst IJuly 12, 2009

After my friends left last night I started checking all of my favorite MMA websites for interviews and post fight thoughts.  I was waiting until 1AM when ESPN's: MMA Live was going to broadcast their post fight wrap up show.

I turned the television to ESPN only to be told that up next was the late edition of Baseball Tonight.  I flipped up to ESPN2, thinking that maybe they'd have the coverage but it was a replay of The Worlds Strongest Man: 2008.

MMA Live was of course where it always is, online.  While the media player worked just fine I couldn't help but wonder why on such a historic night for such a red hot sport was the post fight coverage not being broadcast on television?

You can't get away from Super Bowl coverage after the game is over, the same goes for the World Series in baseball.  Even the Tour de France gets more coverage as the race wraps up on the Champs-Elysées.

While the sport of MMA is growing rapidly with the UFC leading the charge this sport is still a long way from being accepted or even cared about by the social mainstream and mainstream sports media. 

Luckily there are some passionate broadcasters, promoters, and fighters that keep popping up on major networks and spreading the good word.