John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar: Last-Minute Predictions for SummerSlam Main Event

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistAugust 16, 2014

John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar: Last-Minute Predictions for SummerSlam Main Event

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    The Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena hype is complete. It’s all over, except for the bleeding. WWE did all it could to stimulate an appetite for a superfight, and it couldn’t have done any better. But many questions remain ahead of WWE’s biggest main event since WrestleMania XXX.

    Who’s going to win? Who should win? Will there be blood? Will Seth Rollins cash it in?

    The more speculation, the better. All the more reason for fans to not only talk about WWE SummerSlam but tune in as well.

    History has told us there is no such thing as a sure thing with WWE. The most predictable outcomes are prone to swerves, which is pretty much how we got here in the first place.

    Lesnar’s shocking victory over the Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX, foreseen by almost nobody, created a wave of scenarios for WWE’s long-term booking plans.

    Ahead of the SummerSlam main event, let’s examine some of those scenarios while predicting which ones will play out.

Prediction No. 1: John Cena Will Bleed

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    Maybe (read: hopefully) he won’t puke or urinate himself as Lesnar promised, but Cena will more than likely bleed.

    Yes, WWE promotes TV-PG programming in this day and age. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

    Following the last quarterly-earnings call, the results of which are posted on WWE's corporate website, WWE is currently facing significant financial losses in 2014. The WWE Network hasn't reached initial subscription goals, and the programming is in need of a serious jolt to drum up more subscribers.

    WWE's answer may lie in Cena's face. As the old pro wrestling adage goes, red means green. Translation? Blood draws money.

    It’s the reason much of the hype has centered on Lesnar and Paul Heyman basically vowing that Cena will be wearing a crimson mask. Such a scenario is seen as novel in today's squeaky-clean pro wrestling scene and will naturally generate interest.

    These violent promises will almost surely lead to a rare spot where a wrestler is bloodied, which would be congruent with the theme of WWE booking a realistic main event that is closer to a UFC bout.

    Cena doesn’t have to be bloodied the hard way, which was the case during his last match against Lesnar. There are safe alternatives to simulate these spots. One alternative includes the use of artificial blood capsules to stage bleeding from the mouth or, as it’s known in pro wrestling lore, internal injuries.

Prediction No. 2: WWE Will Debut New WWE Championship

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    WWE has slowly implemented its new logo across all programming. Earlier this month, pictures surfaced on Twitter of Triple H holding the slightly altered WWE championship, which now displays the new logo.

    A more recent tweet by Vince McMahon also revealed WWE updating its flags at its headquarters.

    The scratch logo is all but extinct, so what better stage to display the new-look WWE championship than during the biggest fight of the summer.

    This year’s SummerSlam is a fitting event to debut a new WWE championship. The new logo will forever be linked to WWE Network era, and the showdown between Cena and Lesnar will be a landmark main event for the over-the-top upstart.

    Should Lesnar defeat Cena, the conqueror of the Undertaker’s streak will also reign as WWE world heavyweight champion. This will make the title as valuable as it has ever been in the modern era.

    Rolling out the new logo for Lesnar’s championship title would be quite the auspicious start.

Prediction No. 3: Seth Rollins Will Not Cash in His Money in the Bank Contract

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    As long as Seth Rollins is carrying around the Money in the Bank briefcase, every pay-per-view main event comes with the built-in question, “Will he cash it in?”

    The buildup to Cena vs. Lesnar has not included any teases of Rollins’ involvement, and Rollins has not spent much time dropping hints of possibly leaving Staples Center as WWE world heavyweight champion.

    I get the feeling Rollins will not cash in for a while. Regardless of Sunday’s outcome, the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will be a holier grail than ever. Either Cena becomes the one who beat the one, or Lesnar remains the one, period.

    That’s a lot of heat to be hastily transferring to Rollins in a hotshot title change. Too much heat will surely burn Rollins, who is not yet a proven main event singles star.

    The feud between Rollins and Ambrose must run its course before there is serious speculation of him cashing in. By the looks of it, those two are in for more of a war than a battle.

    At SummerSlam, Rollins’ match against Ambrose will be his first and last of the night.

Prediction No. 4: Cena and Lesnar Will Outperform Their Extreme Rules Match

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    Lesnar and Cena’s match at Extreme Rules in 2012 was a unique blend of real brutality and top-notch brawling.

    Both Cena and Lesnar bled as steel stairs, a steel chain and a team of WWE doctors could barely contain the hybrid wrestling match.

    The Extreme Rules main event was somewhat overlooked in a year that included the first WrestleMania encounter between Cena and The Rock, but it was still a surefire candidate for match of the year.

    Cena and Lesnar’s lack of physicality during the buildup in 2014 will better engage the crowd once they finally do clash. Considering the fact that Lesnar now has multiple matches under his belt since returning, the SummerSlam main event can easily improve upon its outstanding predecessor.

    There are several matches on the SummerSlam card liable to steal the show from its highly touted main event.

    Don’t expect any of them to follow through on that promise. Lesnar vs. Cena will live past its unparalleled hype.

Prediction No. 5: Brock Lesnar Will Beat John Cena Clean

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    In order to truly avenge his shocking loss in 2012 while establishing himself as the most powerful force in WWE, Lesnar must win clean.

    There is no shame in Cena losing to somebody with nicknames that range from The Beast to The Conqueror.

    Last year’s SummerSlam main event saw Cena lose clean to one of the most heralded underdogs in WWE history. Doing the same to Lesnar would hardly be seen as a surprise.

    While common logic dictates Lesnar has to win in order to further preserve what it means to beat the streak, that outcome is far from guaranteed. In fact, the more predictable it seems, the more WWE may be tempted to call for a last-minute swerve.

    Cena and Lesnar find themselves in a similar situation to that of Lesnar's debut pay-per-view at Extreme Rules. Few expected WWE's high-dollar acquisition to lose in his first match back, but that’s exactly what happened.

    The possibilities are endless in terms of how the finish will play out. But given how much fun Heyman has been in the post-streak era, hopefully that finish sees Lesnar beat Cena straight up.