Ranking the Most Unique Players in the NBA Today

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Ranking the Most Unique Players in the NBA Today

There are plenty of incredible talents in the NBA, but how many stand apart from the rest as truly unique players? 

I'm not talking about those who are the best at a certain skill—Chris Paul is the league's best point guard, but he sure plays an awful lot like Isiah Thomas used to—but rather those who do things differently. They're the ridiculous athletic marvels, the players who make strange contributions for their positions and those who just won't ever be replicated. 

When thinking about the NBA's most unique players, I can't help but think back to a passage from Bill Simmons' The Book of Basketball. Tangentially, I'm not sure if it's impressive or really sad that I can find this next excerpt within 10 seconds of laying hands on my copy: 

Add everything up and here are your odds that we'll see another Hakeem Olajuwon: a kajillionpilliongazillionfrazillionfriggallionmillion to one. You will see fifty reasonably close replicas of Jordan (and we've already seen two: Kobe and Wade) before you see another Dream. So go on YouTube, watch his highlights and congratulate yourself for seeing the only Hall of Famer who would have made it had he been anywhere from five foot eleven to six foot ten (his actual height).

That's what we're talking about here. 

How likely is it that we'll see these players again?

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