Skip Bayless Reverses Course on Blake Bortles, Says Jaguars QB Should Start

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterAugust 15, 2014

Cold Pizza host Skip Bayless on the ESPN set in Miami, Florida on February 1, 2007. (Photo by Allen Kee/Getty Images) *** Local Caption ***
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Skip Bayless broke some ankles Thursday night.

The First Take personality and bearer of the Tim Tebow thurible is not what you'd call "shifty," but his reversal in opinion on Blake Bortles left the sports world on skates.

After watching the Jacksonville Jaguars rookie quarterback sling darts through the Chicago Bears' second-stringers Thursday, Bayless developed another hot take: 

Stop everything.

Some of you may recognize this as a distinct departure from canon for Bayless, who publicly tagged Bortles as one of the worst picks of the 2014 NFL draft in May. 

What happened here?

Bayless—a man who sinks into his opinions with the determination of an unpruned pit bull—completely retrenched his position after watching Bortles play two preseason games.

He's far from the only one feeling bullish on Bortles, however. Almost everyone developed Bortle Fever after watching the former UCF star go 11-of-17 for 160 yards against the Bears.

I mean, it got real Bortle-y. Some would say Bortle-line obsessive. 

Maybe Bayless is onto something. It's not every day you see one of the most intractable men in sports pull a 180 and begin pulling for a forecasted bust.

It's a new, Bortle-y day for Skipper, who now looks forward to being sauteed in his own hypocrisy on Friday's First Take

You can’t shift positions that quickly without catching a burn.


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