Steve McNair and Chris Benoit: Similiar or Totally Different?

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Steve McNair and Chris Benoit: Similiar or Totally Different?
(Photo by Dave Martin/Getty Images)

      Looking back at the tragic murder of Steve McNair, another famous athlete's death comes to mind... Chris Benoit. Chris Benoit was also involved in a murder-suicide, and while I believe the two athlete's circumstances were different, one has to wonder if these two men's fates are similiar.

      I wanted to share this with the rest of you because it seems that a tragedy like this is so confusing and just unreal, the same way it was when Chris Benoit died. Everyone who knew Chris Benoit never in a million years would have thought him capable of killing his own family and then taking his life.

     I believe the same is true of Steve McNair. From what I've heard of him, he was a respectable man who never caused any trouble and who was generous with his money and time towards the community. Why he would have an affair with a woman who, now looking back on the evidence, seemed to be very emotionally unstable, is beyond my comprehension. But once again, famous athletes personal lives are a mystery to us as fans because we only know them as players on the field for the most part.

     So that's my question to all of you today, do you find a lot of similarities between these two tragedies or none whatsoever? Thanks!

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