Puerto Rico Little League Player Is 6'4" and Weighs 229 Pounds

Puerto Rico Little League Player Is 6'4
via @bustedcoverage

Erick Figueroa is only 13 years old, but the Little League player who plays for the Caribbean team already has a huge size advantage on most of the other kids he is facing in the tournament.

The Little Leaguers shouldn't feel too bad, though, because at 6'4" and 229 pounds, Figueroa is bigger than a lot of Major League Baseball players.

Erick Figueroa Compared to Current MLB Players
Player Team Height Weight (lbs)
Erick Figueroa Puerto Rico 6'4" 229
Billy Hamilton Cincinnati Reds 6'0" 160
Mike Trout Los Angeles Angels 6'2" 230
Bryce Harper Washington Nationals 6'3" 225
David Ortiz Boston Red Sox 6'4" 230
Yasiel Puig Los Angeles Dodgers 6'3" 235


According to Baseball Factory's scouting report, Figueroa is a right-handed pitcher and plays first base. The website says he's a "large target" on defense and has "intimidating mound presence." 

No kidding.

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