John Lester's Got the Cy Young in the Bag

RedSox ManiacAnalyst IJuly 11, 2009

Are you kidding me! Yes, latter sentence has to end with an exclamation point. I am freakin’ psyched!

In the last 48 and 2/3 innings, Jon Lester has given up only 35 hits and eight earned runs.  If it wasn’t for his somewhat sluggish game against the Natinals, he would already have Gammons and Phillips giving him the crown before the All-Star break.

If you haven’t seen him pitch, do so. He has that type of pitcher’s dominance who’s aura I can only relate to the likes of Greg Maddux, Kevin Brown, Orel Hershiser,  Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Johan Santana, and others of that mold.

People try to equate him as the Cole Hamels of the American League. Ha! Fuck Cole Hamels. He is a great pitcher, but even his talent pales in comparison to Lester’s makeup an precise gameplan.

When he is on his game, none of his pitches are hittable ( and he has proven this ). When he is off his game, all of his pitches are hittable, but extremely goddamn hard to hit.

Since last August, he has upped the ante on his fastball. Where he had pitched pretty well hitting corners with 91-94 mph fastballs in 2008, he now commands both sides of the plate with a heater that runs up to 96 mph regularly.

Along with changing his speeds, and running the cutter into the left-hander’s jam spots, the only thing a batter could sit on at the plate is his lack of confidence.

Jon Lester will win the Cy Young. He keeps his head in the game, he might run up one of the best 2nd-half performance of all-time.

Don’t get too good, kid. We gotta sign you in 2k12.

Ps: Jon, get your first half in order. People never get to see the best pitcher at the All-Star game, know what I be sayin?