Raptors Offer Jack Four Year Deal

Brad NortonCorrespondent IJuly 11, 2009

If somebody else beats me to this article it's not my fault as there is nothing there as of now.

So reports indicate that Toronto Raptors General Manager has offered a reported 3-4 year deal to Indiana Pacers combo guard Jarrett Jack amounts have not been disclosed.

Whats this mean? well, it means one, two or all of the following:

Bryan Colangelo is pushing hard for Chris Bosh to sign an extension this summer and showing him that he's serious about the future of this franchise.

He's lost interest in Delfino and a reason could be because he is coming off an injury and he's not feeling 100%. also, according to his doctor it could take anywhere from 1-6 months for him to be fully recovered.

He likes Jack's style and thinks he's a good fit and will help the Raps next season. which he obviously is a good fit as we need help at the back court as insurance Calderon suffers a nother incident. Plus, it would mean we'd have possibly 3 ball handlers in the starting line up with Jack,Calderon, and Turkoglu.

The down sides:

Jarrett Jack didn't seem to like coming off the bench in Indiana nor Portland. would that change?

He's got a bit of a temper that might cost the team a game but, i don't think he'll have a problem and if he does i don't think it will affect the Raps significantly enough to cost them the game they'll be too 'n sync.


There you have it short and sweet. should be more on it in the days to come. oh, by the way word is it's been offered. But, Jack has not signed the Offer Sheet yet.