UFC 100: Celebration, Predictions, and General Discussion

Brian OCorrespondent IJuly 11, 2009

THE TIME HAS COME. IT IS THE DAY WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR, UFC 100! Before I begin the actual article, I want to give a huge round of applause to Dana White and the Fertita Brothers and just a general applause to ZUFFA as well as the UFC. It's been quite an amazing experience to watch the UFC evolve and grow over the year, and I'm happy to have had the opportunity to watch along the way.

Now, getting to the Celebratory part of the article: Let's celebrate that we get to EASILY THE SICKEST CARD OF ALL TIME all in one night(and if you order PPV on UFC.com congrats because you get even more) Rush (GSP) vs. Pitbull (Alves), Hendo(Henderson) vs. The Count(Bisping), and of course: NO NICKNAME (Lesnar) vs. NO NICKNAME (Mir). Exciting stuff and we get to all be a part of it. Not to mention a main-card caliber undercard! Danzig vs. Miller, Coleman vs. Bonnar, Jones vs. O'brien, Dolloway vs. Lawlor, Grice vs. Gugerty. Wow! Celebrate good times! Come on!

Ok, next segment of the article:Predictions: I'm going to start this section with the headline fights and work my way down. Starting with Frank Mir vs. Brock Lesnar. I am very opinionated when it comes to Brock Lesnar MMA career. I've never been a huge fan of his evolution from wrestler to UFC "Superstar." While I do respect his impressive transformation and improvement over ONLY THREE fights in the UFC. HOWEVER, I still do not think that a newbie like Brock Lesnar can overcome the experienced and seasoned Frank Mir. Now I'm going to play devil's advocate against myself: "But Brian, Brock Lesnar beat Randy Couture! Doesn't that mean he can beat Frank Mir?" Wow Brian, thanks for that question! I'll see that situation and raise a situation. FRANK MIR BEAT BROCK LESNAR! ALSO, FRANK MIR IS NOT PUSHING 47! While I love Randy, he was 46 fighting Brock Lesnar who can almost pick up a car. Frank Mir will beat Brock Lesnar by decision. It will stay standing. Lesnar will take down Mir, beat him up a bit. Then Mir will sweep him and stay on top of him and beat him up a little. The rest of the fight will pretty much be Mir avoiding Lesnar and both of them beating the crap out of each other, until the final bell. It should be a razor-blade split decision.

NEXT: George "Rush" St. Pierre vs. Thiago "The Pitbull" Alves. Ok, talk about scary. I am genuinely scared for GSP in this fight. I do have confidence in his abilities, but then again, I was confident he was going to beat Serra the first time, look where that got me. Anyways, Alves is just a monster. They BOTH have incredible speed, stand-up, and cardio. This fight has three basic routes as i see it. First one, favorable for me, GSP will keep it standing for a bit, then take down Alves, who we haven't really seen on the ground too much. He will pass his guard, mount him and ground n' pound him. Next, favorable to Alves fans, Alves will catch St. Pierre with a knee as he is attempting a take-down and knock him out. END OF FIGHT. Last, nerve-racking victory for either fighter by decision. They both cancel each other's skills out. When you look at them it's really a toss-up as to who has the advantage but I'm going to say that GSP will win this fight by a decision and remain Welterweight Champion. HOPEFULLY.

NEXT: Dan "Hendo" Henderson vs. Michael "The Count" Bisping. This is a tough one to write about for me because I don't particularly like either one of these fighters. I hope that Bisping wins because I liked him on TUF this season better than Henderson as a coach, however, Henderson is an undeniably great wrestler and if he takes it to the ground it could be "LIGHTS OUT" for Bisping. If Bisping keeps it standing he may be able to win the fight by knockout. Hopefully Henderson is off his game, but I predict Henderson in the 2nd round by TKO. I think he's looking to take this fight immediately to the ground and just pound out Bisping until his accent is removed permanently.

NOW: Let's move on to the undercard. Mac Danzig vs. Jim Miller. This one is pretty easy and simple. Mac Danzig will own this guy on the feet. They both have great submissions, which means I don't think Mac is taking this one to the ground only to be cancelled out by Jim Miller. I think he knows he has an advantage on the feet and he's going to try to exploit that. I think Mac Danzig by Knockout in the 3rd round.

NEXT: Mark Coleman vs. Stephan Bonnar. MMM. Stephan Bonnar WILL LOSE THIS FIGHT. Hands Down, Mark Coleman can pull off simple submissions which shouldn't be hard when he can pretty much man-handle Bonnarwith his amazing wrestling. I think Coleman will take down Stephan Bonnar. I think Bonnar will block any passes or submission attempts. Then Coleman gets frustrated takes it to the feet. A SLUGFEST ENSUES. Coleman will beat Bonnar up until both of their faces are bloody messes and finally, Coleman will win by decision.

NEXT: Jon Jones vs. Jake O'brien. I'm not too familiar with O'brien so I'm going to make a naive prediction based on half of the skillset that's in this fight. I know Jones is a beast who has ridiculous muay thai/karate. I think he'll destroy O'brien and win by Knockout in the 1st round.

NEXT: CB Dolloway vs. Tom Lawlor. Based on what I know from each of these fighters. CB will keep it standing and Lawlor will try to take it down. He has a couple of submission victories. So, Dolloway is going to mess up Lawlor guerilla-style. I mean just absolutely demolish him with strikes. It will end in the 2nd round after Lawlor gasses and CB knocks him out. Dolloway by Knockout in the 2nd round!

NEXT: Matt Grice vs. Shannon Gugerty. Well, I will admit that I know nothing about either fighter. So I'm going to spare you some bs analysis and just say that if this was a fight between the two fighters' names, MATT GRICE OWNS SHANNON GUGERTY. Therefore, Matt Grice will win the fight by Knockout in the 1st round. Be prepared.

OKAY! That's it for the predictions section. I'm going to put a poll for you guys to respond to. Also, I would just like to say thanks to my readers. That's just about it. Make sure to leave comments and to watch UFC 100 tonight. Hopefully, my wishes come true: GSP, MIR, BISPING, and the rest. Have a great night!