WWE SummerSlam 2014: Most Likely Heel and Face Turns at the Event

Sharon GlencrossContributor IAugust 14, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

As one of the most noteworthy and high-profile events of the year, expect this Sunday's SummerSlam pay-per-view to be crammed with several heel and babyface turns. Indeed, the company's bookers will likely be setting the stage for most of the storylines and feuds heading into the autumn.

What's the most likely heel turn to take place in Los Angeles? I would say Nikki Bella. Yes, I can totally envisage a scenario in which Nikki turns on her sister Brie and costs her the match with Stephanie McMahon.

First of all, Nikki has always worked better as an obnoxious, catty heel. Aligning her with Stephanie—and scripting the women to be some sort of female heel duo in the vein of LayCool/The Beautiful People on WWE television—sounds like an intriguing, creative idea too.

Credit: WWE.com

Besides, it actually makes total sense in the storyline. Nikki has plenty of reasons to resent Brie's antics over the past few months. More often than not, she's the one who has paid the price for her sister's misbehavior and unwillingness to do what she is told.

Stephanie also strongly hinted at a turn during the contract signing last week when she noted that Brie had frequently upstaged her twin and taken the spotlight from her.

Was this the big clue that Nikki is turning in Los Angeles? I think so.

In other notes from the event, Bray Wyatt will take on Chris Jericho in what will presumably be the culmination of their feud.

Credit: WWE.com

Considering Jericho won cleanly at Battleground, it makes sense for Wyatt to win here. A loss would just set Wyatt—who's still struggling to get back his credibility after the John Cena feud—back even further. He might not be able to recover from losing yet again on pay-per-view.

But here's a tantalizing thought: What if Wyatt wins the match cleanly and then shows good sportsmanship after the event by offering to shake his foe's hand?

Could SummerSlam mark the point the former NXT star turns babyface?

Oh, why not? He's surely gone as far as he can as a heel. His current act is getting repetitive—it feels like he's always cutting the same promo these days. A babyface turn would freshen up his dull act significantly and give him a chance to climb further up the card.

I wouldn't be too surprised to see Brock Lesnar turn babyface at Staples Center either.

Credit: WWE.com

Similar to Wyatt, he's been a heel for ages and could use a character change.

As for how it could come about?

Maybe, like Wyatt, he could show good sportsmanship after defeating Cena cleanly and winning the belt. Or maybe duplicitous manager Paul Heyman could turn on his friend and cost him the title.

Well, he is Paul Heyman. Sooner or later, he turns on everyone.

Even outside of the stellar card, the SummerSlam pay-per-view will surely be worth watching just to see the various twists and turns that occur. Fans should anticipate a lot of storyline developments on Sunday.