Daily dump: For Stacey Dales sake, Erin Andrews must be stopped

Matt TarrContributor IJuly 11, 2009

OK, so we’ve issued a few controversial statements here and there since we started this whole Sportspoop nonsense a couple months ago. But they all pale in comparison to the statement we’re about to make:

Stacey Dales

Stacey Dales

Erin Andrews is a tad overrated.

There. We said it. And truth be told, we think a lot of you out there probably agree with us. But fawning over the ESPN sideline yapper has become the most politically correct movement in the sports blogosphere since, well, fawning over Anna Kournikova. We have no doubt there’s at least a 50-50 chance we’ll be excommunicated from the sports blog movement for making this statement, but dammit, it’s a risk we’re willing to take for standing up for our convictions.

Now to clarify, we’re not saying Miss Andrews isn’t a lovely lass, because she is. Maybe it’s the fact that she’s as hard on the ears as she is easy on the eyes. Or perhaps it’s because the mere mention of her on any site elicits dozens of hypersexual comments, most of which seem to be typed with one hand. That’s a little creepy, even for us. Or maybe we just like an underdog.

Which brings us to Stacey Dales, our favorite female sideline shmoozer and one-time ESPN employee.

Dales is knowledgeable, smokin’ hot, and has certainly paid her dues in the business — anyone who has to deal with Geno Auriemma and Pat Summitt for five years before getting a crack at a football sideline gig deserves her props. She parted ways with the Bristol behemoth a few months back on what seemed to be less-than-amicable terms (reports swirled that she was dismayed at the company’s caste system for on-air talent), then suddenly resurfaced Friday in Phil Mushnick’s New York Post column. Mushnick reported that Dales is one of the frontrunners to land the New York Nets sideline gig for the YES network, and the news was met with much rejoicing in the halls of the Poop-o-plex.

Sadly, the news was met with little fanfare anywhere else, mainly because it went virtually unnoticed. And why did it go unnoticed? Because Lil’ Erin took a foul ball off the chin Wednesday.

Seriously, you would have thought she was slugged by a right cross from Barry Bonds in the on-deck circle. Red-blooded American men were outraged, inconsolable and downright apoplectic. ESPN even issued a friggin’ PRESS RELEASE on the incident. Dales, on the other hand, could have been taped getting run over by a flaming beer truck outside a stadium during a live Sportscenter, and the bastards wouldn’t have issued a statement.

Stacey Dales, gone from ESPN — but the curse of Erin Andrews lives on.

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