Robin Ventura Kicks Dirt over Home Plate After Ejection in Old-School Tantrum

Ken ChinSocial Media StaffAugust 13, 2014


Chicago White Sox manager Robin Ventura turned back the clock Wednesday afternoon, throwing a tantrum for the ages after being ejected. In the seventh inning with the White Sox leading 1-0, Chicago catcher Tyler Flowers tagged out Gregor Blanco at home plate on a fielder's choice. 

Giants manager Bruce Bochy challenged the ruling, claiming that Blanco should be awarded home because Flowers didn't allow a lane for the runner to slide. 


After a very lengthy review, the call was overturned and the Giants were awarded a run. That's when Ventura blew up. 

The White Sox skipper bounded out of the dugout to argue and was immediately ejected, per MLB rules. That didn't stop him from kicking dirt all over home plate, reminiscent of former MLB manager Lou Piniella. The best part was that once wasn't enough for Ventura, as he returned to argue the placement of the runners and kick more dirt all over the place.

In the end, the call turned out to be pivotal, as the Giants scored six more runs in the inning to secure a 7-1 victory. 

Now that was a major league tantrum. But it raises the question: Was Flowers really blocking the plate?