Melky Cabrera: The Yankees Rising Star

joaquin encinasContributor IMay 6, 2008

As you all know this year is being difficult so far for the New York Yankees, but there is a spark on the horizon that is shining big this last couple of day.

His name is Melky Cabrera, this kid is keeping the Yankees on the winning track for the last three games. He is filling in for Posada and A-Rod, now that they are on the DL very nicely. Not only is he good offensively, but defensively this kid is amazing.

When I saw him rob Manny Ramirez in his first year of playing center field in place of Johnny Damon, I said to myself Johnny you better do something because this kid will take your place soon. Sure enough, Melky is the everyday center field for the Yankees now.

I hope that Robinson Cano starts hitting like he did last year, because if these two play well this year for the Yankees it will be see you in October, baby.