Sydney Leroux Throws Birthday Party for Her Dog, Gets Car Towed

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterAugust 13, 2014


Sydney Leroux is having a nice, weird summer.

The United States women’s national soccer team forward recently received the nod to play in an upcoming international friendly with Switzerland, but, more importantly, she just threw down for her dog Boss' birthday. 

If you don’t know Boss, you don’t know anything.

The tiny, awesome dog turned six on Tuesday, and Leroux commemorated the occasion with a full birthday party. 

They broke out cone hats, cupcakes and party favors.

Leroux might’ve baked a custom sprinkle-bone. But don’t worry about it. This is just how Boss lives.

On the downside, it appears Leroux continues to struggle through her adventures in everyday life. She’s hell on the pitch, but her golf swing could use some work, and judging by a recent Vine, she’s yet to nail down the finer art of city parking.

Last week, Leroux posted media of her car being towed. It was a beautiful day until her Audi ended up on the back of a tow truck.

Things quickly escalated into a Tiananmen Square-like situation. 

Apparently, she misread the sign.

I feel your pain, Sydney. Not two weeks ago, I parked to pick up takeout and returned to find a fat boot on my car.

I would’ve gladly laid my body down and given the tow company its pound of flesh—anything to avoid shelling out $140 to a pair of hijack artists making a living by hiding out in parking lots waiting for victims. 

Alas, the world is a hard place. At least you have Boss to return to. He’ll never judge your ability to interpret parking signs.


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