WWE Is Wasting Time with Sheamus as a Babyface

Justin LaBar@@JustinLaBar Featured ColumnistAugust 13, 2014

Photo Credit: WWE.com

Every day WWE continues with Sheamus as this smiling Irish babyface is another day wasted.

When I hear “It's a shameful thing” in the arena at the start of his music, I simply groan and roll my eyes.

Sheamus is a good wrestler. He can be an even better performer when he's performing the proper character. When I hear his music hit in the arenas, that's all I'm hearing. Go back and watch Raw this past week.

The match had been announced for two hours that Randy Orton's opponent would be Sheamus. Orton was standing in the ring, and the people knew who was coming out next. Nobody was on their feet. Nobody was antsy with excitement. His music hit, and as soon as the crowd came into view I could see no real audience movement, matching the lack of noise. This is Raw—No SmackDown editing tricks here.

The Sheamus babyface character is terrible. WWE put the United States Championship on him for what I guess was an attempt to spur fan interest in him. All it did for me was make me even angrier he's a babyface. He's not American, so if he's going to hold an American title, let it be a heel act.

It's been 100 days exactly that he's held the belt since winning it via a Battle Royal on Raw. One hundred days—talk about the dog days of summer.

Sheamus did some of the best heel work I've ever seen when he first got to the main roster. He was brutal but believable. It didn't come off as forced. It didn't come off as him trying to be something he's not. He was a jerk.

The guy has solid size, a solid look and impressive athleticism for his size. He's not a big guy who lacks mobility. His look is memorable and can draw heat with the pale skin and bright red hair. All the tools are there. He's being cast in the wrong role.

The WWE roster is getting younger. There is great importance in having believable, established and credible guys as heels to help solidify the younger babyfaces. Give me the babyface of the tough Dean Ambrose in a feud versus the heel Sheamus of old—then you'd be giving me great television and wrestling.

Let's get rid of the fella and bring back the bully.

Forget the "Be A STAR" anti-bullying campaign. WWE, let Sheamus be a star—the money-making kind.

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