Analyzing How Dean Ambrose Can Remain Relevant After Seth Rollins Feud

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistAugust 13, 2014


For Dean Ambrose, these are hazy days in his fast-advancing WWE career. Many wondered what was in the pipeline for Ambrose after The Shield went their separate ways, with Ambrose being the guy who people had the biggest worries about.

Seth Rollins' heel turn opened up a whole new world of possibilities for him, whilst Roman Reigns was inevitably in for a mammoth push as a babyface after the split. However, Ambrose is fast becoming the most exciting guy out of the trio, and the sky literally seems the limit at the moment.

His feud with Rollins has been, for the most part, incredible. It has kept everybody on their toes due to the sheer amount of unique twists and turns it has providedmost notably their "match" at Battleground. Ambrose's insane, unhinged character is fantastically different and it has grabbed the attention of wrestling fans to a huge degree.

However, with the two looking like they are getting toward the end of the road regarding their own rivalry, the challenge now will be for the WWE to keep Ambrose relevant heading into the remainder of the year. A feud with his former "brother" in The Shield has been a great start, but where does Ambrose go from here?

It's a tricky one, because there doesn't really seem an obvious path for Ambrose heading out of the feud with Rollins. One thing is for certain, though: The WWE cannot tone down the wackiness that comes with Ambrose's character. That gives him a real selling point that no other star has at this moment, so for him to retain the level of popularity he currently has, he needs to keep up the craziness.

Coincidentally, there's another WWE star who is almost as crazy as Ambrose, and he may turn out to be an ideal foe in the coming months. Bray Wyatt's feud with Chris Jericho has really struggled to get off the ground, and he looks to be sliding down the card in WWE. That's extraordinary given how he put on such a good showing against John Cena at WrestleMania, and how enthralling The Wyatt Family's feud with The Shield was earlier in the year.

Therefore, would it be smart booking to put a member of each group together in a rivalry of their own? You'd certainly get some intriguing nonwrestling action, and some incredible promo work. It could be the spark that Wyatt needs after a difficult few months, and it would certainly help to keep Ambrose going down the path he is on at the moment.

They had some interesting chemistry in the midst of that six-man feud at the beginning of the year, and it would seem a bit of a waste if it wasn't revisited at some point. There will be some who feel that Ambrose should stay true to his promise and stalk Rollins for the forthcoming months, denying him world title opportunities at every turn.

However, in this age of professional wrestling where the same storyline over a couple of months is instantly regarded as dull, that would lose its appeal quite quickly. It's been exciting to see Ambrose develop as a solo star and craft his own place on the WWE roster, and he is now ready for some tentative steps forward into a new feud.

Heck, the WWE could even test the water for Ambrose moving away from Rollins by having him feud with someone else in The Authority. He's a great anti-authority figure after all, and if he retains an interest in Rollins' business from afar, it would at least satisfy those who think the feud should run and run.

Rollins vs. Ambrose should come to a close at SummerSlam, but for those who worry where Ambrose goes next, they shouldn't be too concerned. He's one of the hottest prospects in WWE right now, and there are plenty more avenues he can go down. If he pulls off another rivalry with the same level of success as this one, it will be conclusive proof that he's a top star in the making.