Pittsburgh Steelers Payback Plays

Summer hamiltonCorrespondent IJuly 11, 2009

During just about every football game, there are plays that we will remember. Plays where a player might get injured, or a quarterback sacked. These plays are not only remembered by fans, but by the team whose players got injured. I like to call these plays in a game "Payback Plays."

Here are some examples of Payback Plays for the Steelers:

Third game of the season, the Steelers are playing the Ravens. Before the game during a press conference, Rashard Mendenhall made a comment that he expected to have a big game. Then, during the game, while rushing Ray Lewis tackled him and gave him a season-ending injury, by breaking his shoulder.

The Payback: AFC Championship game Willis McGahee rushing and Ryan Clark running and we all know what happens after that. That was a little reminder that Rashard's shoulder was broken.

Another example that has yet to have payback( I'm confident that it will, however) is Big Ben Roethlisberger being sacked by Cleveland in the final game. When the Steelers play Cleveland again, there will definitely be some payback in store for the Browns.

All in all, Payback Plays are basically this: if you hurt lets say Hines Ward he's gonna get you back. It might not be that game, but you bet he'll remember the next time he plays you. Just ask Ed Reed.