UFC 100 News: Was the Brock Lesnar Walkout Staged?

Tim ListAnalyst IJuly 11, 2009

The Los Angeles Times posted a most interesting look at UFC Heavyweight Champion
Brock Lesnar, who insinuates he was putting on a show when he walked out of the press conference and was subsequently stopped by UFC President Dana White.
Two days to go until the place rocks with testosterone, which leaves time for more hype. Lesnar tells a press group he's going to exit the building, though, rather than talk any more.

"I was never going to do that," he admits later with a grin, and yes, he grins.

He also listens to UFC President Dana White, who gets into his cauliflower ear after Lesnar threatens to leave, Lesnar retaking his place at the table.

"I just had to humor myself somehow," the brute says.

It's a public act, all right, and a good one
the flat top and line of "Death Clutch" clothes he's selling are nice menacing toucheswith reporter after reporter buying it and saying how they dislike him. They don't know him, and his choice, they never will.
Read the piece. It's really good.