SummerSlam 2014: Why Cena vs. Lesnar Buildup Is Best of Modern Era

Team Stream NowB/R VideoAugust 12, 2014

How good has the buildup been for Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena?

Not good. Great.

Quite plainly, the Lesnar-Cena buildup has been the best of the modern era. WWE has brilliantly blurred the lines of reality so as not to confuse but to stimulate. The motivations of the Lesnar and Cena characters couldn't be more real.

Lesnar is being depicted as a hired mercenary with a limited passion for pro wrestling and one who only shows up when the price is right. Cena is portraying the consummate white knight who takes pride in his craft and shows up for work every week.

This has been more of a documentary than a feud. In fact, the only thing that won't be real about Lesnar-Cena is the match itself.

WWE's innovative Countdown to UFC-style special following Raw was wonderfully produced and continued the theme of creating the biggest fight of the summer. Furthering that theme was Cena and Lesnar being kept apart, as the heel Lesnar refused to engage in two opportunities to fight Cena.

Lesnar and Cena should do monumental numbers at the box office. Even if the match itself doesn't deliver, which it will, WWE has accomplished its goal in making this match one of the biggest of all time.


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