My Biggest Sports Pet Peeves!

John LewisSenior Writer IMay 6, 2008

Look.  We all have them and to us, they're meaningful. 

That's right, I'm talking about pet peeves in sports, things that just fire us up.  I'm not sure why they bother me but they do and I have to let it out.

Here's my list of biggest sports pet peeves in no particular order:

Phil Mickelson's Man Boobs
Phil, either get on the bench press and firm them up, wear a t-shirt under your golf shirt, or wear the "Bro". 

You can take about 30 minutes a day to firm you pecks right up instead of having them poke through your shirt.  What about a can even pick a t-shirt that matches the color of your outfit.  Sort of like the European players, they make sure their outfits match at all times. 

Maybe you can get Nike or Callaway to put their name on the t-shirt and you can get paid to wear it, but something's got to give.

Loyalty In Sports
Whatever happened to a little loyalty in sports?  Hey this goes both ways with the player and the owner.  My pet peeve is when a player signs a contract and then two years later he wants to renegotiate. 

What's that all about?  Just because some player signs a larger contract a few years later, an athlete gets jealous and wants to renegotiate.  Hey the owners are at fault too, this goes back to the beginning of sports, they have way too much control. 

But in their defense they do own the team and why can't they re-negotiate if the player turns out to be a bust.

Government Involvement In Sports
With all the steroids talk in baseball, the United States Government decided to get involved as if they didn't have enough going on already. 

But my pet peeve here is when a Senator doesn't know the players name or the statistic they are referring to.  For example, Rep. Christopher Shays (R-CT) called Rafael Palmeiro Mr. Palmerry and was asking about whether he tested positive for steroids before or after his 300th career hit. 

He was also the same guy who referred to the 1919 Chicago Black Sox scandal as the Black Hawks scandal.  Read up on sports before you comment.  I don't think that's too much to ask.

Look I have no problem with PETA, it's just when they call for the suspension of a certain jockey because his horse had to be euthanized at the conclusion of the Kentucky Derby. 

While I can see some argument that horse racing could be considered harmful to the animals, I can't see where a jockey could be responsible for a horse being put down. 

PETA's response was that the jockey must've known that the animal was hurt before or during the race.  I don't know and neither do the PETA people, but I do know that these animals are treated better than most humans. 

PETA, stick to the households that treat their animals poorly. Don't mess with a sport that has been around since the 18th century.

Crazy Sports Fans That Go Too Far
Just the other day, a woman was reported to have run over a man after an argument about the Yankees and Red Sox. 

Hey, I'm a huge sports freak, but I'm not capable of running over someone just because they don't agree with me or like my favorite team.  What about Kevin Love and what his family had to endure as he played a road game at the University of Oregon? 

Of course his father was a legend there and Love was expected to play there but when he chose to attend UCLA the fans there went too far.  Love received death threats and his family had vulgar names shouted at them.  Fans can be idiots sometimes.

What are your sports pet peeves?