Wishing for a KO: A Letter to Hendo

Flying KneeCorrespondent IJanuary 18, 2017

As I'm sure everyone and their grandmother already knows, Dan Henderson is fighting against Michael Bisping tonight. Deciding to give him some last minute support, I sent him this fan mail.

Anyone else that wants to wish him some last minute luck, go to http://www.danhenderson.com/site.html and click 'FAN MAIL'


Hey Dan,

First and foremost good luck against Bisping tonight, hopefully you get to KO him Ryo Chonan style, but any win will do; Anderson/Hendo 2 needs to happen!

You're still the only man to have taken a round from him in his UFC career, and you can definitely do better this time around.

At any rate, I know you sure as hell wouldn't let him dance around like he did against Cote or Leites.

That's another reason you need to beat Bisping, aside from shutting him up; if Bisping gets the title shot he'll be content to avoid Anderson and Anderson's response will likely be to stroll around punching him in the leg or  something. It would basically be Anderson/Leites 2!

Best wishes,
Flying Knee