Gavin Godfrey Performs the 1st-Ever Triple Backflip on a Mountain Bike

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistAugust 11, 2014

via Nitro Circus

It wasn't easy, but Gavin Godfrey pulled off the first-ever triple backflip on a mountain bike.

As the video shows, the Godfrey Clan failed plenty of times on its way to making history. The riders suffered plenty from falls, and the bikes themselves also paid the price.

Eventually, Gavin landed it and made history.

The wait for the second triple backflip wasn't very long. Once Ethen Godfrey-Roberts saw it done, he nailed one after a few attempts.

It took a lot of determination to pull this stunt off, but for the Godfrey Clan, all of the effort was worth it.

[Nitro Circus, h/t SB Nation]