George Iloka: A Legend in The Making

Fletcher KellyContributor IJuly 11, 2009

"He wants to be great," defensive backs coach Marcel Yates said. "Is he great right now? No. But he's working to get there. He could be pretty good here real soon."

Yates has that right. George Iloka graduated early from high school to come play football for Boise State. He missed his senior prom. He also ditched out on graduation to attend summer conditioning.

Coming out early is paying up early for George. As a true freshman, Iloka got very good playing time at a packed safety position. They had so much depth that they had to eventually do something to involve everyone.

Later in the year, Boise State transitioned into a three-safety formation, which included Iloka, Jeron Johnson, and Ellis Powers. Now that Ellis Powers has left Boise State, Iloka will have the opportunity to make big plays as a starter.

I will miss the highlight hits by Powers, but I think that Iloka's presense will completely erase all memory of Powers. If this guy continues to develope, expect him to be making plays on Sundays.