Kansas City Chiefs: What We've Learned Through Week 2 in Training Camp

Farzin Vousoughian@farzin21Contributor IIIAugust 11, 2014

Kansas City Chiefs: What We've Learned Through Week 2 in Training Camp

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    The Kansas City Chiefs have been in St. Joseph, Missouri, for training camp for a couple of weeks.

    The team went into camp with some questions. None of those questions have yet to be fully answered. However, some light has been shed on some of those mysteries, while other storylines are still unfolding.

    In this slideshow, we will recap what fans and the media have learned the most about the Chiefs in training camp from the past two weeks.

Alex Smith's Contract Negotiation Could Be Easier Than Expected

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    When one quarterback signs a megacontract, there is speculation about whether or not another quarterback yearning for a new contract will demand the same amount.

    The most recent example of a quarterback signing a long-term deal came last week when Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton signed a six-year deal in which he can make up to $115 million.

    The media and fans in Kansas City pondered whether Smith would ask for a similar deal.

    While Smith wants a new deal, he doesn't want a Dalton-like contract, according to Tom Pelissero of USA Today.

    Does that make general manager John Dorsey's job easier? Perhaps, but the fact is that the negotiations are still going, and Dorsey can keep him for less money than what Dalton is projected to earn.

Chase Daniel Shows Promise in Preseason Game

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    After the Chiefs used a fifth-round pick on Aaron Murray, who had an illustrious career at Georgia, Chase Daniel's future status with the team became unknown.

    Daniel signed a three-year deal worth $10 million last year, and it is unlikely he'll be the No. 3 quarterback if kept on the team.

    Despite throwing an interception against the Bengals, Daniel rebounded, going 8-for-10 passing for 126 yards and a touchdown and earning a quarterback rating of 112.5

    The competition has been noticeable in camp, but Daniel is proving early on that he deserves to be the primary backup quarterback behind Smith.

De'Anthony Thomas Is Living Up to the Hype so Far

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    De'Anthony Thomas became a fan favorite the moment the Chiefs drafted him this past May. It didn't take long for Thomas to prove why. In fact, one punt return was all he needed to showcase his speed.

    Thomas had an electrifying punt return that went viral last week, breaking a tackle right after catching the ball from the punt and going 80 yards for a touchdown.

    Although it is only one play, he performed similarly in college and was hyped to do so again in the NFL. So far, Thomas has been a positive highlight for the Chiefs through camp and in the preseason. The future looks bright for him, giving Chiefs fans a lot to look forward to.

Nico Johnson Has Some Ground to Make Up

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    Many were excited when the Chiefs drafted linebacker Nico Johnson in the 2013 NFL draft. Johnson played at Alabama, where he played under Nick Saban's NFL-style defense and won three national championships.

    Referring to his own rookie season as "devastating," Johnson has a chance to start after Akeem Jordan left the team this past offseason. But the transition from college to the NFL has been rough up to this point, as Johnson is behind all of the inside linebackers on the depth chart.

    While it's early, the Chiefs will begin to trim a couple of players from their roster, and Johnson does not want to be an early casualty.

The Offensive Line Still Needs Help

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    Fans will play the "it's preseason" card when they hear a negative statistic, but this is something the Chiefs and their fans should be concerned about.

    The Chiefs gave up six sacks and co-lead the preseason for most sacks allowed—even more than the New York Giants and the Buffalo Bills, who have played two preseason games.

    Chiefs fans are aware of what the team lost from its offensive line early in free agency and what it has going into the season. But is this a glimpse of what is to come for the offense? If you are Alex Smith, you certainly hope not.

    The Chiefs have a little less than a month to work on their issues at the offensive line. Dorsey may even need to seek another available lineman or two to come in and work out to see if it would benefit the Chiefs for 2014.