The 5 Worst Fighters on the UFC Roster Right Now

Dan Hiergesell@DHiergesellFeatured ColumnistAugust 11, 2014

The 5 Worst Fighters on the UFC Roster Right Now

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    As the quickest-growing mixed martial arts outpost in the world, the UFC is accustomed to weeding out the weak.

    They've been ridiculed in the past for pushing out well-rounded athletes who just can't seem to finish fights, but for the most part, the promotion has been astute in their hiring and firing.

    However, there is a breaking point in each division. Somewhere along the line, the level of talent drops off and the true bottom-feeders turn over and play dead.

    While that may seem harsh, it's a reality that professional fighters must accept, especially when it comes to a gigantic platform like the UFC.

    With that said, based on losing streaks, lackluster performances and overall skill set, here are the five worst fighters on the UFC roster right now. 

Josh Shockley

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    Josh Shockley looked a bit out of shape when he took to the Octagon for the first time at UFC 174.

    It should be noted that the 24-year-old ransacked the open circuit by finishing eight of his 11 victories. Nevertheless, this is the big leagues, and Shockley doesn't look ready.

    Sure, he's lengthy, and he could scare some opponents just with his hair. However, when push comes to shove, the lightweight will be on the wrong end of a push or a shove.

    Losing to another fighter making his promotional debut in your promotional debut is not the best way to catch good publicity. 

Ruan Potts

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    Simply put, Ruan Potts should have stayed in Africa.

    The former EFC Africa heavyweight kingpin looked like a former backyard wrestling intercontinental champion when he made his UFC debut back in May opposite Soa Palelei.

    While Palelei stands as one of the heaviest hitters in the division, that doesn't change the fact that Potts looked like he belonged at the concession stand, not the Octagon.

    In just over two minutes into Round 1, Potts was knocked out cold by the Australian, landing zero strikes and zero takedowns in the process.

    He may just be too old and too small for the heavyweight roster. 

Jack May

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    Speaking of heavyweight disasters, the UFC brought in behemoth Jack May to add some depth to a rather slim weight class.

    Despite his innate size and potential power should he ever land a punch, May did little to impress when he took on Derrick Lewis at UFC on Fox 11.

    It could have been bad timing for the towering 33-year-old, because Lewis has turned into one of the baddest dudes not being talked about right now, but he was pitiful nonetheless.

    While May will understandably get another shot to earn his keep, it's likely that yet another heavyweight experiment has fallen flat on its face for the promotion. 

Cody Donovan

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    There's no denying that Cody Donovan is tough, and there's no denying that he has taken on some worthwhile light heavyweight talent.

    However, when you get finished three fights in a row due to strikes, it's time to reconsider your Octagon approach.

    At 33 years of age, Donovan probably isn't going to have a career resurgence to the point where he can finally start striking with consistency.

    If only he can get a fight to the ground, then maybe he can showcase his top-level submission skills, but he hasn't been able to do that either.

    One more loss and he'll be put out back like a sick cat. 

Charlie Brenneman

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    Charlie Brenneman can't win.

    Correction. Charlie Brenneman can't win in the UFC.

    After getting released from the promotion back in 2012, the now 33-year-old racked off four straight impressive finishes on the open circuit, finishing three of those wins by submission.

    His successful turnaround was good enough to land him back under the bright lights, but after getting finished in both of his welcome home bouts, it's easy to see that "The Spaniard" still lacks something.

    It may not be raw talent, but it certainly comes down to not knowing how to win a fight.

    As it stands right now, whether it be at lightweight or welterweight, Brenneman has lost five out of his last six promotional fights.

    That's not a good track record for someone who has been on the wrong end of the highlight reel more times than not.

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