Fans You Don't Want Sitting in Front of You

Laura Depta@lauradeptaFeatured ColumnistAugust 14, 2014

Fans You Don't Want Sitting in Front of You

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    Passionate sports fans are great, but for the purposes of a quality game-viewing experience, there are some fans you just don't want to get stuck sitting behind.

    Some people go to sporting events to enjoy the atmosphere, down a few adult beverages, have a good time with friends, etc. Others? Well, others go to watch the game (outrageous, I know). For those folks, the ability to see the action on the field is paramount. It trumps all other aspects of the stadium experience.

    So imagine the disappointment such a fan might feel when forced to sit behind someone with, say, a massive block of cheese on his head. Imagine the sinking feeling in said fan's gut when he gets to his seat only to find this guy directly in front of him.

    And it's not just big hats, folks. Maybe it's a big sign or an umbrella or a back-hair jersey (yep, you read that right).

    I have a deep respect for the dedication of the following fans. I just don't want to be behind them when the game starts.

Fans with Signs

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    Creative fan signs are awesome to look at if you're reading them from the comfort of your couch and enjoying the made-for-TV view of the game.

    I'd imagine the appreciation for creativity would lessen if you had to sit behind a sign the whole game.

Foam Cowboy Hats

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    Imagine you are at a Chicago Bulls game. You see a vendor walking around selling massive foam cowboy hats and decide, "Hey, I definitely want one of those."

    You buy said hat and proceed to actually wear it during the basketball game. You are not sitting in the last row. 

    At least this guy realized his blunder. Either that, or he realized people might actually see him on television wearing a ridiculous foam hat. 

College Basketball Big Heads

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    The big head signs represent what is quickly becoming a time-honored tradition in college basketball.

    Generally, the big heads are held up behind the end lines to distract opposing players shooting free throws.

    However, if I had to sit behind someone who either wasn't behind an end line or simply held up the sign at inopportune moments, the hilarity would surely begin to fade.


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    It's hard to hate on the cheeseheads since they are an iconic part of Green Bay Packers football. And I've never been to Lambeau Field myself, so I can't say how it would be to sit behind one of these superfans.

    However, I can imagine that staring at a big yellow piece of foam for three hours might get a little old.

Cheese Grater Guy

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    I commend this Chicago Bears fan for his witty choice of headwear. But when it comes to obstructed views, cheese and graters are one in the same.

UC Irvine Superfan

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    Enthusiastic sports fans are awesome—don't get me wrong. UC Irvine baseball's "Superfan" took this to a whole new level.

    Keith Franklin was a fixture at Anteaters games until his enthusiasm became a bit too much to handle, according to The Wall Street Journal (via Deadspin).

    Apparently, Franklin was a cheering, high-fiving machine—some people loved his theatrics, and others, not so much.

    The last straw occurred when Franklin took his show to the field, prompting the school to ban him from all home games.

Fans with Body Signs

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    A close cousin of "Fans with Signs" is the timeless tradition of "Fans with Body Signs."

    One has to appreciate the effort and commitment it takes to craft a sign on your bare chest with body paint.

    But if I were behind these superfans, I'd hope the camera never panned to them during game action, thereby forcing them to stand up.


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    Sometimes, it rains at sporting events. People don't like getting wet—fair enough.

    But here's a tip: Either get a poncho or get to the concourse.

Soccer Sombrero

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    Soccer fans are some of the mostif not the mostpassionate sports fans in the world.

    Particularly when international competition is happening, folks get real fired up about their national teams, as they should.

    Mexican sombreros have become staples at national team games, and while they are a clear tribute to national pride, a big hat is still a big hat.


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    Sitting behind (or anywhere near) a heckler is not only annoying, but it often results in negative and unnecessary attention being drawn to your area of spectating.

    Infamous heckler Robin Ficker taunted NBA players for years. Charles Barkley once got him a seat behind the bench in a game against the Chicago Bulls just so Ficker could taunt Michael Jordan.

    Knowing what we know about Ficker now, it would've been cool to sit by him once, but at the time, listening to him recite passages from Phil Jackson's book all game surely would've gotten annoying.

Back Hair Guy

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    I've heard of shaving your team's logo into the hair on your head, but back hair?

    The Minnesota Twins have now inspired this twice that we know of. Joe Mauer and now Brian Dozier have both had the honor of inspiring their very own back-hair jerseys.

    Is this hilarious? Yes. Would I want to eat a hot dog behind it? No.

Cubs Mohawk Guy

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    Cubs Mohawk guy, aka Kevin Jackson, showed off maybe the greatest sports-inspired hairstyle ever. Jackson should be praised for his dedication to the loveable losers.

    However, Jackson also chose what ended up being the longest game in Chicago Cubs history to make his fashion statement. If I had the seats behind him, I would have been amazed and ticked all at the same time.