Pep Guardiola the World's Worst Person in Sports, Says Keith Olbermann

Mark PattersonUK Staff WriterAugust 8, 2014


Pep Guardiola's reaction at the end of Bayern Munich's 2-1 defeat to the MLS All-Stars was definitely pretty childish, but one American sports review went as far as to call the Spaniard the "World's Worst Person in Sports" for the day.

Guardiola's refusal to shake hands with the MLS staff after the final whistle, seemingly angry for the way that the America-based team had been physical, was mocked on Keith Olbermann's show on ESPN2.

Guardiola's takedown comes around 3:45 in the clip above.

The segment is a regular one on the programme, and again goes to show that football is making strides in the USA—even if it's just by the way the behaviour of those involved is winding people up.

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