Stand Back! There's A Hurricane Coming Through!

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369656 03: World Wrestling Federation wrestler Triple H poses May 18, 2000 in New York City during the UPN television network's announcement of its fall lineup. UPN will continue with the highly successful 'WWF Smackdown' on Thursday nights. 'Smackdown' has helped UPN boost its ratings 1,063 percent among teenage viewers. (Photo by George De Sota/Newsmakers)

Hello everyone! I would just like to tell you guys a couple things before you begin reading. 1) This is my 1st humor effort, so please don't be so harsh. And 2) If any could change the picture to make it more relevant, I would greatly appreciate it. I hope you enjoy this article.

Hello, my name is Rita Carl, along with my co-host, Gary Schlitz and we welcome you to a Special Edition of WWE 6:00 News. 

BREAKING NEWS! A vigilante has been roaming around ECW, saving people in a heroic like fashion. Although we do not know the identity of this hero, we did get a quick comment from the lady who was saved by the mysterious hero yesterday:

"I was falling from the ladder, and I thought 'Broken Bones, here I come!', then I was caught by a strange man in green. Before I had a chance to look at him, he wooshed away..."

Very interesting, ay Gary?

You bet your husband's boxer briefs, Rita! The lady was not the first to be saved by this mysterious whirlwind of a man. Do we have any more comments from anymore victims, Rita?

No, we don't Gary, but you just gave me a great idea!

Really, now? Tell me, Rita. I would love to be your muse.

You said: "This mysterious whirlwind of man.", right? We can call this mysterious hero: "THE HURRICANE"!

By God, woman, that's fantastic! He can his own theme song (, his own lunchboxes, his own TV show, his own cereal, his own kitty litter...his...

Whoa, Whoa there cowboy, we'll have time to talk about after the show. That's all the time for this Special Edition of WWE 6:00 News. We will see you when you're slammed side-up!

I hope you enjoyed this little piece I put together. Don't forget to rate and comment!