Red Sox Bullpen Fails in Loss To Royals

David O'Brien@DavidObrien19xCorrespondent IJuly 10, 2009

Thursday nights game against the Kansas City Royals was bitter sweet for the sox.

From the bottom of the first Kevin Youkilis hit a liner to the center-field wall scoring Dustin Pedroia.

 Next up, David Ortiz crushed one up to the Green Monster his 300th career home run making it a 3-0 lead.

Brad Penny was the starting pitcher for the Red Sox and couldn't come through, Throwing 97 pitches in 5 innings.

The Sox ended up losing 8-6 to the Royals

Manny Delcarmen and Justin Masterson gave up four runs combined which caused the down fall for the Sox.

Brad Penny said in a post game interview  "My job as a starter is to go more than five innings."

I could't agree more, I think Penny needs to go now, Penny did not have a bad start but he gave up 3 runs in the fourth.

The Sox and Yankees are now tied for the lead in the A.L. East.

The offense came alive in last nights game but the bullpen lost it, Brad Penny really needs to go, He has not been consistent this year.

Penny does not have enough depth in his outings, Clay Buchholz has been on fire pitching  in the minors, it is time to give him a chance.

With the trade deadline coming around soon Brad Penny may not be with the Red Sox for much longer.