WWE's Top Tweets, Instagram Photos and Viral Videos for Week of Aug. 4

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterAugust 8, 2014

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After a week bogged down by talks of budget cuts and Alberto Del Rio's release, fans needed a pick-me-up and that came in the form of amusing WWE-related social media.

Stinging slaps and tables refusing to break highlighted some of the best tweets, Instagram photos and viral videos of the WWE world in the early part of August. Conan O'Brien poking fun at fictional failed wrestlers and Steve Austin saluting a longtime WWE employee made the list as well.

We begin there, the Texas Rattlesnake tipping his hat in a way only he can after WWE let timekeeper Mark Yeaton go. PWInsider's Mike Johnson reported the unexpected move, writing, "Yeaton had been with the company for decades and his departure was described to me as a sign that 'no one was safe' from the company cutbacks."

One of Yeaton's duties during his tenure was apparently to toss Austin beers during his trademark celebrations, as Austin noted on Twitter:

Yeaton's exit reinforces how unstable employment within WWE is right now. All this recent budget trimming reminds one of an unfortunate reality of the business, that the machine rolls on with or without you.

Having to get staples in one's head has been another unfortunate WWE reality as of late.

That was true for Roman Reigns after his Last Man Standing match with Kane. The ring steps cut open the top of his head. He shared an image of his freshly stapled dome via Twitter:

It's definitely intriguing to get a backstage peek like that, but it's also unsettling. Scripted or not, pro wrestling is a gnarly business at times.

Luke Harper wasn't going to let Reigns be the only one to disturb fans through social media. He posed for a shot on WWE's Instagram that captured his creepiness quite well:


He doesn't need staples to make one's stomach squirm, just an ominous glare peeking out from the shadows.

Should one need a visual palate-cleanser after looking at those two photos, The Bella Twins have you covered. The view of Brie and Nikki Bella walking backstage before Stephanie McMahon and Brie's contract signing on Monday's Raw was more enjoyable than many of the matches on that show.

The pic had more likes and comments than anything on the company's Instagram account for the week.

This is the kind of thing WWE keeps the Bella Twins around for despite their less-than-stellar ring skills. Pretty girls equal clicks. 

O'Brien's take on WWE's recent slew of releases sought viewership through hilarity rather than sex appeal. On his talk show, he trotted out a number of fake failed wrestlers from the Puerto Rican Vegan to Lazy Boy Reese:

Fans of WWE during the early '90s will notice that Donnie Duct Tape looks a lot like Bastion Booger.

WWE produced two amusing videos of its own this week, the first of which centered around moments in which the announce table refused to give in to the wrestlers' demands.

The compilation features Devon Dudley, Kurt Angle and Rob Van Dam all creating a thud as they collide with an unforgiving piece of furniture:

A collection of slaps was equally entertaining. WWE's latest top-10 video traced the history of wrestlers and non-wrestlers alike smacking each other in the face.

That includes Ted DiBiase and AJ Lee swinging away. But as the video shows, Stephanie McMahon is WWE's queen of slaps:

The order is certainly debatable, but it's a fun watch regardless. The end of Monday's Raw delivered the most fun moment of the week, though.

Heath Slater defeating Seth Rollins was a welcome surprise, an upset that gave a perennial loser the unfamiliar sensation of attaining momentum. Wrestling Memes went heavy on the caps in their response to the victory:

Dolph Ziggler, who knows exactly what it's like to suffer loss after loss, added his thoughts. His tweet on Slater was heartfelt and right on:

Being a WWE Superstar at the bottom of the pile is a tough endeavor. One attempts to get noticed, to grab hold of the audience with just minimal opportunities to work with.

Slater got a major one Monday. For his next big win, though, Yeaton won't be around to ring the bell afterward.