2 Moves Mets Should Have Made at the Deadline

Shale BriskinContributor IIIAugust 8, 2014

2 Moves Mets Should Have Made at the Deadline

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    The 2014 trade deadline has come and gone, and the New York Mets did not end up making any trades of any kind. General manager Sandy Alderson ultimately decided to stand pat and build on the Mets' young team for the future.

    In a way, the Mets may have done well at the deadline by sticking to the young core they have put together, but on the other hand, a few players on the current team who are probably not going to be part of the long-term future could have been traded away.

    Here are two moves the Mets should have made before the deadline.

SP Bartolo Colon to the Cardinals for Prospects

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    Before the trade deadline, the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals made a big trade that involved Allen Craig and Joe Kelly going to the Red Sox and John Lackey going to the Cardinals. The Cardinals got a starting pitching upgrade, while the Red Sox got an upgrade in the outfield and more pitching depth.

    Bartolo Colon, whom the Mets made available to be dealt, may not have necessarily been a better upgrade for the Cardinals than Lackey, but the Cardinals certainly would not have had to give up much at all in comparison to what they traded for Lackey.

    In the end, the Cardinals ended up going with Lackey as the pitching upgrade they wanted. The Mets could have definitely made a Colon trade work, though.

LF Chris Young to Any Team for a Prospect

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    More than likely, the general trade interest for Chris Young from other teams would not have been that high, but regardless, the Mets could have still been able to find at least one team willing to eat the rest of Young's salary for the season at a minimal cost regarding prospects.

    This would have been a smart move to save a few million from Young's $7.25 million salary that could have been better used in the future on salary raises and/or new additions to the Mets.

    One team out there should have been able to take on Young's contract and pay the rest of it while not even giving up any important prospects. The Mets should have pursued a trade like this, but of course, it did not end up happening.