Examining the Positive Aspects of the Authority as WWE's Top Heels

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistAugust 8, 2014

The Authority
The Authoritycredit: wwe.com

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are WWE's power couple and the leaders of The Authority.  They have been working as heels since SummerSlam in 2013, when Hunter betrayed Daniel Bryan and cost him the WWE Championship.

During the year it has been in charge, The Authority has abused its power in an effort to completely control every Superstar on the roster.  What began as seemingly just another evil corporate angle has grown into WWE's top storyline, and the members of The Authority have arguably become the top antagonists.  Though some fans may not like The Authority, the fact is that there are some positive aspects to its members being the top heels in the company.

The roles that Triple H and his wife find themselves in are ones that suit them very well. Each one is cocky and arrogant, with an inflated sense of entitlement that draws automatic heat whenever they pick up the mic.  They are seemingly unaffected by everything that goes on around them, as every week they continue to smile and gloat in front of the WWE faithful.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon
Triple H and Stephanie McMahoncredit: wwe.com

McMahon and Hunter are hated for who they are and what they do, which means they are successful heels in the company.  And the heat they consistently draw from the WWE crowds directly translates to the other members of The Authority.

Kane, Randy Orton and Seth Rollins are the three Superstars working for the The Authority. Each man is at the command of the McMahon family, and each man is more than willing to do anything asked of him to ensure that The Authority remain on top of the heap in WWE.

This is one major positive to The Authority being the company's top heels.  Orton is arguably one of the most hated Superstars in recent WWE history.  Rollins is despised for his betrayal of The Shield back on June 2, and Kane is historically one of the most effective heels that the company has ever seen.

There is no doubting that the presence of all three men strengthens The Authority as a unit.  

Thanks to the Superstars at its command, The Authority is a legitimate heel faction.  And it does not stop at just these three men; it could include anyone on the roster.  Basically, Hunter would merely have to snap his fingers, and any heel near him would jump to attention. The Authority has unlimited resources because of this.

Another positive aspect for The Authority is the fact that it is practically untouchable. Despite any heat that Superstars may have with the group, the truth is that it's illogical to attack it; the Superstars' careers are at stake if they do.

When the boss is corrupt, then there is very little the employees can do to fight back.  This is definitely the case with The Authority, as one wrong move can mean a loss of employment.  Fans saw this with Cody Rhodes, The Big Show and more recently Brie Bella, who quit to save Bryan's career.

The Superstars can find ways to resist, of course; Bryan and The Shield are great examples of this. All four men came to blows with not only The Authority's stars but with Triple H himself. Bella is headed for a showdown with McMahon at SummerSlam, as the two women have had heat for several weeks on WWE programming.

Stephanie and Brie Bella
Stephanie and Brie Bellacredit: wwe.com

But again, crossing Triple H and McMahon means risking it all, which makes them the perfect heel threat as fans keep tuning in to hopefully see them get theirs.  Of course, true vengeance is not always possible with The Authority.

Perhaps the most positive aspect of McMahon and Triple H as WWE's top heels is that the heat they generate is very real for many fans.  Both McMahon and Triple H have had their critics over the years, and those critics genuinely do not like either one of them.

From The Game's time as a main event star to his relationship with his wife, who happens to be Vince McMahon's daughter, the heat from fans has been there, and it has been immense.  Many likely feel that the only reason Triple H is in the corporate spot he's in now is because of his extended family.  Though that notion completely discounts all of the hard work that The Game has put in over the years, the fact is that feeling likely still exists among fans.

The best part is that WWE is very aware of how many fans feel; there is no other reason to elevate Hunter and McMahon to the level of top heels.  The company is using the hate that already exists.  If WWE's power couple is already despised and is already thought of as the enemy, then why not use it?

It's the perfect scenario and an endless source of heat.  The fact is that The Authority angle could continue for another year if the company wanted it to, and it would still be as hot as it is right now.

The Authority is succeeding thanks to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, who are reigning over the company like the corrupt couple they are presented as.  The positives about The Authority being WWE's top heel group is obvious, and this is an angle that could last for a very long time.