15 Classic Mom Moments in Sports

Laura Depta@lauradeptaFeatured ColumnistAugust 8, 2014

15 Classic Mom Moments in Sports

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    Moms are responsible for some of sports’ most heartwarming, hilarious and even puzzling moments.

    Moms are always there for us—encouraging us to follow our dreams, supporting us along the way and cheering us on when those dreams come true.

    Moms can also be some of our biggest protectors or partners in crime. And of course, moms can always, always, embarrass us from time to time.

    Whether it’s Manny Pacquiao’s mom casting voodoo spells at his fights or Rob Gronkowski’s mom giving him a birthday spanking, these 15 mom moments certainly are memorable.

    But just how memorable? I imagine people will be talking about Kevin Durant’s “Real MVP” speech for many years to come.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Text Love

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    Check out this precious social media moment between NASCAR superstar Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his mom.

    Junior posted a text conversation with his mom to his Twitter account recently. In it, she said, “U remind me of ur dad, take s--t car & do something with it, congrads.”

    High praise.  

Scott Carroll’s Mom Cries Tears of Joy

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    Often when a man fulfills his lifelong dream, no one is prouder than his mom.

    This was precisely the case with Chicago White Sox pitcher Scott Carroll.

    According to Anna Fogel of NESN, the 29-year-old had made 100 minor league starts before getting his shot in the bigs.

    His mom couldn’t hold back her tears of joy as her son recorded not only his first start but his first win.

Gloria Marie James

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    The family that works out together, stays together. LeBron James posted this photo of him and his mom Gloria after a gym session together.

    But the king’s mom has been in the news for more than just arm flexing. There were those 2010 rumors from TMZ about Gloria and one of her son's Cleveland teammates that were never confirmed but won't go away.

    And now, according to S. Pajot of the Miami New Times, Gloria is most likely engaged to a rapper by the name of Lambo.

Jeremy Lin Dunk Videos

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    Who knew Jeremy Lin was hilarious?

    He posted this video to Instagram displaying both his dunking skills and his surprise prank skills.

    The kitchen shot of Lin dunking on his mom is classic.

Michigan Mom Criticism

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    Everyone remembers Jadeveon Clowney’s monster hit on Michigan running back Vincent Smith back in the 2013 Outback Bowl.

    Joe Kerridge’s mom sure does. Kerridge, a fullback at Michigan, posted a text to his Twitter that shows his mom’s lingering doubt about exactly who was supposed to be blocking Clowney on that infamous play.

Happy Birthday, Mom

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    This was a pretty adorable and fortuitous moment. Silvana Colabello, mother of Minnesota Twin Chris Colabello, spent her birthday watching her son’s team play against the Tampa Bay Rays.

    In the fourth inning, Marney Gellner of Fox Sports was interviewing Silvana (h/t Yahoo Sports). Her son chose that exact moment to give her a birthday gift—a two-run shot to tie the game.

    Silvana’s reaction is priceless.

We’re Laughing at You, Son

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    While Silvana Colabello is rejoicing in her son’s success, Jose Fernandez’s mom is just laughing at him.

    During an ESPN broadcast of a game against the Colorado Rockies, Eduardo Perez said Fernandez considers himself a cleanup hitter (h/t Deadspin).  

    Given that, his weak groundout in the third inning was pretty funny—at least it was to his mom and grandmother.

Alabama Mom Takes a Flying Leap

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    An Alabama woman, Michelle Pritchett, attacked Oklahoma fans as the two teams played in the 2014 Sugar Bowl.

    Pritchett told Cliff Sims of Yellowhammer News, “What I did was probably not the thing to do. But they were taunting us. They began by going after me. But then they crossed the line and started taunting my 16-year-old son.”

    A mom protects her son by launching herself into a pack of opposing fans at a football game. I don’t know. It still seems like calling security might have been the better move.

Dionesia Dapidran-Pacquiao’s Bizarre Cheering

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    This video of Manny Pacquiao’s mom Dionesia is a little creepy, to be honest.  

    At Pacquiao’s April 2014 fight against Timothy Bradley, his mom showed off her highly unusual cheering tactics.

    I’m not sure what type of witchcraft she is into, but if I was sitting next to this at a fight, I would kindly get up and move.

Birthday Spanking

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    Rob Gronkowski really is just a big kid, isn’t he?

    So much so that his mom still gives him birthday spankings, as evidenced by this picture he posted to Twitter in May.

    All in all, looks like a pretty fun family.

Lee Westwood Gets Scolded

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    Lee Westwood proved that no matter how old you get, your mom still has the power to make you feel like a little kid getting sent to bed without supper.

    Michael Casey of The Associated Press (h/t PGA.comreported that Westwood’s mom called him after he was caught swearing on camera at the Commercial Bank Qatar Masters.

    Tsk, tsk!

Assault by High Heel

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    Man, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near two guys beating the living crap out of each other.

    But this mom couldn’t bear to see her son backed into a corner, so she jumped into the ring to intervene.

    According to the Associated Press, this incident occurred during a 1989 bout between Tony Wilson and Steve McCarthy. The overprotective mom of the year was Minna Wilson, who deemed it appropriate to smash a high heel into McCarthy’s head.

    McCarthy couldn’t return to the fight, and therefore Wilson won. That seems pretty wrong.

Cage Scaling

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    Over two decades later, one MMA mom took a page out of the Minna Wilson ring-crashing manual.  

    In March, 2014, Caleb Frasher defeated Joe Fisher in the third fight of OFC: 20 March Massacre II. According to Bluegrass MMA, Fisher was unconscious at the end of the fight, and out of concern for her son, his mother climbed over the cage to rush to her son’s side.

    Police had to escort her out as the medical team took care of her son.

Beast Mom Defends Her Baby

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    Marshawn Lynch’s mom was not happy about this ESPN.com article in which writer Terry Blount claims the Seattle Seahawks don’t need Beast Mode to win another Super Bowl.

    She let the world know as much in the comments section of the article. The all-caps post was passionate, to say the least, though riddled with misspellings. Here’s a portion for your reading enjoyment:


The Real MVP

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    Is there a more classic mom moment in sports than this? Will there ever be? Probably not.

    Kevin Durant’s 2014 NBA MVP acceptance speech was as emotional a moment as you will see between a mother and son.