Where Art Thou, Fred Davis?

Kyle BunchSenior Analyst IMay 5, 2008

Fred Davis was actually asleep during this diving touchdown.

'Twas the last day of mini-camp,
Redskins' practice was on,
but coach Zorn was fearful,
for a player was gone.

"There's Thomas and Kelly,
But where is big Fred?"
Tight-end Davis was sleeping,
snuggled up in his bed.

Talk about a rookie mistake. As reported on the Washington Post, former USC and Mackey award winning TE Fred Davis was a no-show his last day of mini-camp: "Fred Davis, the team's second selection in last weekend's NFL draft, did not report to practice yesterday and had to be located by team security personnel."

Davis' brother Kendran had this to say, in regards to his brother's absence: "Knowing Frederick the way I do, he was probably just out late and he overslept, he probably just didn't hear the alarm. And I know he wasn't feeling too good the other day."

Apparently Davis never learned the Head and Shoulders campaign of the 1980s...You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Unless you have a pack of Mentos, of course. Then nothing can go wrong.