Examining Batista's Comments on WWE Creative and Possible Return

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterAugust 7, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

A glimpse into Batista's mindset reveals that it's highly likely he'll be back in a WWE ring if the right narrative arises.

In an interview with Steve Persall of the Tampa Bay Times, Batista talked about his hit movie Guardians of the Galaxy, what he plans to do next and potentially being a leading man. For WWE fans, though, what's most pertinent is The Animal's thoughts on WWE Creative and whether he'll be powerbombing folks before long.

His most recent departure came about to allow him to do promo work for Guardians.

A swirl of bad timing, fervent passion for Daniel Bryan and an ill-suited role led to his latest WWE run being a strange one. Audiences booed him despite his babyface status. It took a few matches for him to gather any steam, and by the time he did, the fans had already turned on him.

He left issuing a wave that was as awkward as his winning the Royal Rumble only to have fans reject his victory.

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After a stay that had Batista suffer boos as a hero and online mockery of his choice of wrestling attire, it's not surprising to hear him talk of being unhappy with the direction WWE led him in.

On WWE, he told Persall,"I put it aside for now, and that really had a lot to do with my obligations to Marvel. But it also had to do with the fact that (the WWE and I) weren't seeing eye-to-eye, creatively. The stuff they were doing with story lines just didn't make sense to me." 

He's likely at least partially referring to his being a face rather than a heel right away. The Animal is a better fit as a villain, complete with a take-no-prisoners attitude and a dismissive sneer on his face. He seems to believe that as well.

Batista joked on The Chad Dukes Wrestling Show that he was the worst babyface in wrestling history.

WWE eventually corrected itself and embraced the boos Batista received. He became one of three heels that Bryan had to overcome at WrestleMania 30 to become world champ.

Batista powerbombs Daniel Bryan as Randy Orton waits to strike.
Batista powerbombs Daniel Bryan as Randy Orton waits to strike.Jonathan Bachman/Associated Press

The fact that Batista appears to be so unhappy with the stories WWE told with him this time around suggests that he may be more resistant to come back again. Contract discussions are certain to focus heavily on what narrative he will be a part of.

He's no struggling indy wrestler who will do anything the company throws at him. Like an actor surveying a stack of scripts, he's sure to be selective when choosing how he'll come back. At this stage in his wrestling and acting career, he can afford to do that.

Fans can be confident that he will return, though. 

His passion will bring him back, just as it did for The Rock. About a potential WWE comeback, Batista said to Persall, "I'd love to go back. I'm a professional wrestler at heart, and I miss it. But I want to be there and be happy with what I'm doing."

He shared a similar sentiment during Raw on Feb. 24. After his match with Alberto Del Rio, he shouted, "I love this business!"

It seemed to be a plea to the fans painting him as a movie actor just back in the ring for a money grab. Seeing that statement side by side with his comments in the Tampa Bay Times, it certainly seems that it wasn't just something scripted he was spouting that night.

Pro wrestling is a demanding, unforgiving art form that requires a touch of insanity and wealth of passion. The latter is going to be why Batista comes back.

It's only been two months since his departure, and he's already saying he misses it. 

Expect him to wait for the right time and an angle that moves him to re-enter the WWE arena. For now, it appears that he's happy out of the ring, resting up in Tampa, Florida.

As he told Persall, "Right now all I want to do is be at home, under my rock, in my normal, everyday life."

When he's done doing that, when those hunger pangs for wrestling return, fans can count on him making WWE his home again.