J.P. Ricciardi Should Leave the Blue Jays A.S.A.P.

Eduardo HarariContributor IJuly 10, 2009

It's time for the Rogers Family to realize that the dismay of their team—the Toronto Blue Jays—has nothing to do with player performance, but rather the Blue Jays' front office.

When you have a GM like J.P. Ricciardi, who is willing to trade the team's best player and fan favorite, your team has leadership problems.

Roy Halladay has been with the team for a long time; even before this so-called baseball guru ruined everything positive in Toronto. Halladay is not the problem; he is just a tired player that looks at the composition of the team and realizes that the front office is not committed to winning.

The Blue Jays have not made a decent trade since the days of back-to-back World Championships, when they were under the direction of baseball's two greatest minds in Pat Gillick and Paul Beeston.

Since then, the management's greatest accomplishment has been the demoralization of the team.

The Jays' decline started when Gord Ash assumed the GM role from Gillick. Almost immediately, Ash started dismantling the team and releasing the players that helped bring the title to the city. When questioned about it, Ash said he wanted to create his own legacy at the helm.

Ricciardi is no different; his acquisitions have done little in the way of making the Jays a contender.

I wish that we could make GM trades. Maybe, then, Ricciardi could realize how his star players feel when they are threatened with trade rumors.

Instead, he should be looking to add a pitcher to help his overworked and injured pitching staff.