WWE: What Cesaro Could Gain by Joining the Authority

Maurice MotonFeatured ColumnistAugust 7, 2014


Cesaro’s WWE career sits at the crossroads. Despite performing in some great matches in recent weeks, his character development needs work. Fortunately for Cesaro, Kane’s unmasking and apparent resignation from The Authority opens a spot for a new member to garner heat as Triple H’s lead soldier.

Sure, Cesaro can perform in the ring. It’s evident when you look at his recent bouts with Dean Ambrose and John Cena in consecutive weeks. But his lack of character development leaves something more to be desired because he found himself as an accessory to build SummerSlam matches thereafter.

The “King of Swing” needs more “swing” to his heel character to propel him into superstardom. What better way to achieve this than to join The Authority?

Randy Orton’s vigor was beginning to stale, and WWE Creative revitalized his ferocity against rising star Roman Reigns. Seth Rollins was part of the most epic betrayal in the WWE in years. And for the last two weeks, Stephanie McMahon has earned her spot closing Monday Night Raw—drawing much ire from the WWE faithful. This is the type of character push Cesaro needs.

In his case, it’s best for business.

Cesaro has already expressed his interest in being Triple H’s guy, and if he’s successful, he’ll be more than a stepping stone for ascending superstars. Visibility is essential. Members of The Authority have enhanced their storylines through backstage interviews and segments in and out of the ring. Up until this point, Cesaro’s time on the mic has been spotty at best with former managers Zeb Colter and Paul Heyman building his narrative.

The Authority has allowed each of its members to create and build their own heat. Does WWE Creative have confidence in Cesaro holding a segment and putting himself over as a heel to the fans? Past pairings with outspoken managers would suggest not.

But in the meantime, he can work on his role with Triple H’s business plan. In time, he’ll be able to become the puppet fans despise just by regurgitating the COO’s mantra: "Doing what’s best for business."

He fits in as Rollins’ protector against Ambrose after aiding Rollins in cashing in his Money in the Bank contract successfully as a solid starting point. Following Rollins’ triumph, an Ambrose-Cesaro feud could cultivate his narrative as the protector of the business. Recently, the two superstars showed signs of excellent in-ring chemistry, putting together two solid matches worthy of captivating a crowd.

Despite Cesaro’s initial failure to please Triple H, WWE Creative should revisit the storyline with more devotion. The fans are certainly behind the push:

Cesaro needs to keeping working closely with the Authority to stay relevant. Hes at a strange point in he's career #raw

— VictoriaT (@TezangiVictoria) July 29, 2014

Cesaro doing secret bidding for The Authority is certainly making his character supremely more interesting than it's been since April.

— Human individual (@JoeySplashwater) July 29, 2014

Terrible use of @WWECesaro on #WWE #Smackdown-Hes supposed to be trying to join the Authority not jobbing to Swagger-Great match though..

— Aaron Varble (@TheVarble) August 2, 2014

After lackluster losses to Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler, a push didn't seem to be in the cards, especially at the level of The Authority. But with Kane seemingly out of the picture, a soldier is needed. Someone needs to take the beatings from rivals and dish it out to protect established superstar Rollins.

As opposed to Kane’s destructive behavior, Cesaro offers a more cerebral approach that Triple H can appreciate. He can deliver on the main event stage to a chorus of jeers from an audience that recognizes a blind soldier eager to impress a devious unethical corporate boss. 

Nonetheless, according to James Stevenson of Wrestle Enigma, the levelheaded bodyguard isn't the only possible angle for Cesaro. He suggests WWE Creative can explore the route of a buttoned-up “Corporate Cesaro” to correspond to the business operation theme.

"Cesaro could go down the route that WWE went with Kane as “Corporate Cesaro” could soon appear on TV," Stevenson wrote. "He would be the authority’s answer to dealing with the mid card employees that try to stand up for themselves."

Repackaging Cesaro as a suit-and-tie guy for The Authority isn't the most creative way to bring him into the fold.

However, an angle as the unwavering disciplinarian of The Authority going out of his way to punish rivals like Ambrose and Reigns is a better approach. Cesaro’s powerful in-ring moves—Gutwrench suplex, European uppercut and the Neutralizer—paint an image of a tough bruiser rather than a sniveling corporate lackey.

If Cesaro’s storyline intensifies as part of The Authority, look for his involvement with Ambrose following his match with Rollins at SummerSlam. One match certainly won’t deter the Lunatic Fringe's quest to spoil Rollins' championship opportunities even if he loses.

Based on a scene in which Rollins rebuked Cesaro’s offer to be Triple H’s guy, it could create an interesting love-hate dynamic between potential stablemates.

Another intriguing storyline pits Cesaro against Brock Lesnar. According to F4WOnline (via Alex Besong of Wrestling Rumors), a Cesaro-Lesnar feud is rumored to be in the works.

If Lesnar fails to beat Cena for the World Heavyweight Title, Triple H’s displeasure with Cena remaining champion could fall on the shoulders of Paul Heyman. What better way to stick it to Heyman than to groom his former client to challenge “The Beast” Brock Lesnar?

WWE Creative will need to bridge the gap between Cesaro’s undercard matches and a stellar bout with Lesnar. As a member of The Authority, the process would be a lot shorter than approaching Heyman and Lesnar as a solo act resentful over a failed partnership.