Reviewing Each Clown of the Month over Past Year: Why They Won, What Came Next

Antoinette Muller@mspr1ntFeatured ColumnistAugust 7, 2014

Reviewing Each Clown of the Month over Past Year: Why They Won, What Came Next

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    Every month over the past year, we've recognised the world's silliest gaffes in cricket with our Clown of the Month Award.

    This award could go to anyone from a player with a silly haircut to cricket fans being completely irrational. The 12 award winners have featured everything from serious offenders to small cricket clubs becoming viral sensations.

    Across the following slides, we look back at each of the 12 winners, have a brief overview of why they won and what came next.

August 2013: Monty Panesar

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    Why he won: Monty Panesar had it quite bad. He was caught urinating on a bouncer, then was released from his contract with Essex and dropped from the England squad as a result.  Things were really tough for Panesar at the time with personal issues also plaguing his life. Time away from cricket might have been a good idea, only it didn't quite work out that way.

    What came next: Essex took Panesar under their wing, but he ran into more trouble earlier this year. He was dropped from the Essex squad for a county game after failing to turn up for a team meeting, as per the Daily Mail.  

    He has since made a handful of appearances for Essex and two appearances for the Essex 2nd XI, where he took four for 76 in an innings in his first game and scored an unbeaten 56 in the second. Panesar's England career looks to be all but over, though, with Moeen Ali rising in prominence as an apt spinner and more than apt batsman.

    Click here for the full article on Panesar's misdemeanors in August 2013.

    Stats via ESPNCricinfo.

September 2013: MS Dhoni

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    Why he won: This one was perhaps somewhat harsh. MS Dhoni won Clown of the Month for simply having a very silly haircut.  His mohawk-cum-mullet style he sported during the Champions League T20 last year caused hysteria all across India.

    The frenzy around his hairstyle is nothing new, though. If you pop over and read our Clown of Month article from last year, you'll learn that police escorts are called in when he visits the barber.  So, there you have it. If your hair is a celebrity in its own right, you better make sure it doesn’t look silly. 

    What came next: Sanity returned and Dhoni now sports a more normal hairstyle.

October 2013: Faf du Plessis

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    Why he won: Faf du Plessis got caught rubbing his balls the wrong way last October. Caught ball tampering by rubbing the ball on the zipper of his trousers, Du Plessis sparked much outrage and much controversy during the incident. He did not contest the charge and was fined a chunk of his match fee.

    What came next: Well, Du Plessis was not caught again, but his teammate Vernon Philander was. We'll get to that later, though. The biggest thing to come from the Du Plessis incident was that zippers will be banned from cricket trousers as of 2015, as per ESPNCricinfo. That'll teach him.

    Click here for the full article of Du Plessis' misdemeanor in October 2013. 

November 2013: Some of the Australian Press

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    Why they won: The list of misdemeanours from the Australian press were endless last year. From insensitive headlines relating to Jonathan Trott's stress-related illness to a stadium announcer being fired for mocking Panesar, they reveled in insensitivity during England's Ashes tour. 

    What came next: Australia's press contingent have largely behaved, but England's press have since had a little faux pas of its own. Michael Vaughan said he felt "conned" by Trott, something which earned him a rebuke from England's Players' Association, as per ESPNCricinfo.  

    Click here for the full article on the Australian press' flops in November 2013.

December 2013: Brett Lee and Piers Morgan

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    Why they won: Brett Lee and Piers Morgan pulled off a silly stunt where Lee bowled at Morgan in a silly and dangerous stunt. The TV presenter had a rib broken and the gimmick drew outrage from many well-known names in cricket. 

    What happened since: Morgan has continued to be outspoken on Twitter, but he has also since left his job at CNN, as per The New York Times.

    Click here for the full story on Lee and Morgan.

January 2014: ICC President Alan Isaac

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    Why he won: Now-former ICC president Alan Isaac won the award for Clown of the Month at the start of the year for his part in the Big Three takeover. His complete disregard for the game and its governance earned him the award. 

    What happened since: Not much has changed in terms of the Big Three taking charge of the ICC, and Isaac is no longer president, having been succeed by Mustafa Kamal, the former president of the Bangladesh Cricket Board, as per the ICC's website

    Click here for the full story on Isaac.

February 2014: James Whitaker

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    Why he won: England selector James Whitaker won the February award for his cringe-worthy press conference in which he tried to explain England's decision to drop Kevin Pietersen. Only rights-holders Sky TV and BBC Radio were allowed to ask questions, not that it made it any less awkward. 

    What happened since: The truth behind the Pietersen saga is still no clearer to anyone, but at least Whitaker has not had any further awkward press conferences. 

    Click here for the full article on Whitaker's awkward moment with the press.

March 2014: Yuvraj Singh's Critics

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    Why they won: Yuvraj Singh had a tough time in the World T20 and it caused a flurry of outrage from fans. There was much hate for the cancer survivor and, as ever, very little rationality in the criticism. It was foolish and unnecessary.  

    What's happened since: Singh had a very good IPL with 376 runs at an average of 34.18, as per the IPL's website. He even scored 132 in for the Rest of the World XI against the MCC XI at Lord's earlier in the year. The love from the fans returned, for the time being at least.

    Click here for the full article on Singh's critics and their misbehaviour. 

April 2014: Wirral Cricket Club

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    Why they won: Wirral Cricket Club became an Internet sensation for all the wrong reasons when they were bowled out for a grand total of three runs. Just one of those runs came from the bat. There was much laughing and poking fun at the little club. The club themselves took it all in very good humour. 

    What happened since: The team has continued to play cricket, have won a few games and even appeared on SkySports' "Club Life" insert. 

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May 2014: ECB Managing Director Paul Downton

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    Why he won: ECB Managing Director Paul Downton won Clown of the Month in May for comments he made on the BBC's Test Match Special relating to Pietersen. The comments breached the terms of confidentiality agreement the two sides had signed at the time by speaking in public on the matter. 

    What happened since: Downton has flown largely under the gaffe radar since then. He's gotten on with usual MD things without embarrassing himself too heavily.

    Click here for the full story on Downton apologising to Pietersen back in May.

June 2014: ICC for Hiring Narayanaswami Srinivasan

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    Why it won: The ICC won the award in June after it appointed Indian cricket administrator Narayanaswami Srinivasan as its first chairman. The appointment was always coming, but Srinivasan is still under investigation by India’s Supreme Court for his involvement, or lack thereof, in the Indian Premier League (IPL) spot-fixing scandal. 

    What happened since: Not match has changed. The investigation is still going on, and Srinivasan continues to protest his innocence and serve in his duties for the ICC.

    Click here for the full article on the ICC winning Clown of the Month.

July 2013: Vernon Philander

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    Why he won: Like his teammate Du Plessis last year, Philander got caught fiddling with a cricket ball. Like Du Plessis, he did not contest his charge and was fined a large chunk of his match fee, but was not banned. 

    What happened since: Nothing. The debate around what is right and what is wrong when it comes to tampering continues to rage on. Philander's fine was the end of the story for South Africa and no further investigation took place.

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