WWE 2K15: Release Date, Latest Roster Details and Legends Wish List

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistAugust 6, 2014

This image released by Starpix shows professional wresting personalities Hulk Hogan, left, and John Cena on top of the The Hard Rock Cafe during a news conference for Wrestlemania 30 on Tuesday, April 1, 2014 in New York. Wrestlemania 30 will be held on Sunday, April 6 in New Orleans .  (AP Photo/Starpix, Dave Allocca)
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The release of WWE 2K15 on Oct. 28 in North America (Oct. 31 internationally) has created a buzz among hard-core wrestling fans and gamers alike.

2K Sports revolutionized sports video games with its NBA 2K series, and with a full year to develop and upgrade since taking over production of the WWE games, this year’s edition could be the best to date.

If the graphics are as good as they appear to be on John Cena’s Twitter feed, this is going to be a must-own release:

Here is the latest roster list, the expected announce date for the entire roster reveal and the legends that fans want to see in WWE 2K15.


Announced WWE 2K15 Roster
Wrestler Last Year's Rating
Bray Wyatt N/A
Cesaro 88
Hulk Hogan 94
John Cena 95
Roman Reigns 88
Sting N/A
Sting (Retro) N/A
Source: 2K.com


The official Twitter of WWE Games reports that the roster reveal will take place on Aug. 16:


Legends Who Must Be in WWE 2K15

There are many legends who haven’t been added to previous games or have been left off the roster in recent years, but the hope is that the 2K Sports team addressed some of the injustices with the newest roster.

Fans have thrown around dozens of names (we finally get Sting this year), but one interesting idea that would tie back into the WWE Network and the company’s desire to promote it would be the inclusion of each member of the Legends' House cast.

Putting wrestlers like Jim Duggan, Hillbilly Jim, Pat Patterson, Roddy Piper and Tony Atlas on the roster would allow fans who enjoyed the show to play as the legends in their prime. Add in Gene Okerlund, Howard Finkel and Jimmy Hart as additional characters, and this would be a perfect way to further sell the WWE Network and its original programming.

Another interest concept would be to bring back the Four Horsemen now that the company is showing all the archived footage from Jim Crockett Promotions and World Championship Wrestling.

Two-time Hall of Fame inductee Ric Flair will undoubtedly be in the game, but real wrestling fans would love the opportunity to build a stable with Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard and most likely Barry Windham. The WWE could include Ole Anderson since he was the original fourth member of the group, but the foursome achieved the most success with Flair holding the world title, Windham holding the secondary title and Anderson and Blanchard as the tag team champions.

Last year’s game reunited the nWo. In WWE 2K15, many old-school wrestling fans would love to see the reunion of the Four Horsemen.

Since the company is pushing the WWE Network so hard, using the archived footage as a jumping-off point for fans is a smart idea. With this concept in mind, what better way to push some of the old WCCW videos than by including the Von Erich family?

As one of the most decorated families in the history of pro wrestling, Fritz Von Erich and his sons dominated the Texas territory for years and were a huge part of the wrestling boom in the South. While four of his sons who entered the wrestling business passed away, the impact each had on the indutry is still felt to this day.

WWE paying homage to the Von Erich family and giving the fans a chance to live the action they have been able to see on the WWE Network would be a perfect way to tie the game and the history of the sport together.

Regardless of which Superstars make it into the 2015 edition of the game, WWE has the unique opportunity to use the WWE Network as a platform to open younger fans up to a long history of talented performers they many not recognize.

Whether it’s legends from WWE, WCW, ECW, WCCW or any other of the tape libraries the company owns, WWE should use this opportunity to showcase stars casual fans may not know as well.


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