Garrett Dylan, The Young Bucks and Latest WWE NXT Developmental News

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterAugust 6, 2014

Garrett Dylan, The Young Bucks and Latest WWE NXT Developmental News

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    Garrett Dylan
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    Garrett Dylan's second chance at WWE NXT is over, while The Young Bucks may soon be getting a chance of their own.

    Dylan was among a number of prospects in WWE developmental who the company released. The constant influx of new wrestlers inevitably leads to officials giving up on others. Recent hints on Twitter point toward the possibility of The Young Bucks being a part of that influx soon.

    Other NXT news focuses on the newest live special to come to Full Sail University, a potential fantasy camp at the WWE Performance Center and Australia and New Zealand's best mat workers looking to step into the NXT system just as Dylan and others are forced to walk out of it.

WWE Releases Several Prospects

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    With WWE trimming its budget and signing Fergal Devitt and Kenta, it was inevitable that a number of NXT prospects would see their journey in developmental end.

    That happened over the weekend with WWE cutting the roster's lesser-used wrestlers. Mike Johnson reports on PWInsider that WWE released Garrett Dylan (real name: Jody Kristofferson), Travis Tyler, Slate Randall, Mac Miles and Dani Jax.

    Most NXT fans won't recognize many of these names. Tyler, Randall and Miles appeared only a few times on TV, mostly as someone's faceless victim.

    The release marks Dylan's second time to be let go. Last year, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscribers only) reported (h/t Marc Middleton of WrestlingInc) that WWE released Dylan partly because he didn't stand out.

    It appears that he couldn't overcome that as his second run didn't last long.

    He tweeted, "Looks like I couldn't cut it. It hurts, but I have no one to blame." 

    The competition at NXT is getting tougher. Talented guys like Dylan are not guaranteed success.

    Looking ahead, Jeff Jarrett now has a few more talents to choose from for his Global Force Wrestling roster.

NXT Live Special Set for September

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    The WWE Network spotlight will point at Full Sail University again soon.

    Triple H announced in the above video that NXT's third live special is on its way. NXT Takeover 2 will air on Sept. 11 on WWE's streaming service.

    The NXT Women's Championship and the NXT title will be featured as will the tag team division. The winners of the current tag team tournament will face The Ascension, hoping to end that team's record reign with the belts.

    NXT Arrival and NXT Takeover were both fantastic shows. Expectations will be high this time because of that.

    These events help raise the profile of NXT as a whole as well as highlight individual stars. Sami Zayn and Charlotte both garnered momentum with great performances. It will soon be someone else's turn to create headlines at NXT's next major show.

Young Bucks Tease Coming to NXT

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    Could WWE's tag team division be adding another pair of brothers soon?

    The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) have either been trolling fans or their recent social media activity is a sign of them coming to NXT soon. The athletic pair of wrestlers tweeted, "I wonder where our careers will take us nxt?"

    They also shared an image of them shaking hands with Booker T. As Steve Fernandes noted on PWInsider, the significance there is that The Young Bucks and Booker T butted heads on Twitter in 2011. The animosity sprang from the tag team reportedly not shaking the former world champ's hand backstage at a WWE event.

    In addition to name-dropping NXT and making amends with Booker T, The Young Bucks posted a photo on Twitter of Coke bottles with their names on them next to a replica WWE tag title. 

    There has been no official word of WWE signing them, but all these heavy-handed hints have created buzz aplenty. It's too early to get excited, though.

    The Young Bucks could just be ribbing us all.

WWE Considering Running NXT Fantasy Camp

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    If you ever wondered what it's like to be an NXT prospect, minus the physical pounding, you may soon get your chance. WWE is sending feelers out on a possible NXT fantasy camp.

    Wrestling News World's Richard Gray shared images from the survey that WWE sent to its Fan Council on the subject.

    Among the things a potential fantasy camp would offer include a promo class with Dusty Rhodes, meeting NXT coaches and watching a training session. According to the survey, the potential price of a three-night and two-day VIP NXT-centered vacation could run $7,500.

    The proposed idea would not include any bump-taking, though.

    It would be smart of WWE to make money on NXT this way. Not being allowed to feel what running the ropes and taking a bodyslam is like, though, is a disappointment. It's understandable that WWE would look to avoid risking lawsuits because of injuries, but it would certainly limit the experience. 

    Still, any extra bucks the company can bring in by fulfilling diehard fans' dreams is worth attempting. 

Australian Tryouts Underway

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    WWE may be adding some names to its wish list.

    On Tuesday, NXT trainer Bill DeMott tweeted that the tryouts in Melbourne, Australia, had begun. Many of Australia and New Zealand's finest wrestling talent are expected to be there.

    Kiwi Pro Wrestling noted on its website that the following wrestlers will be among those getting an opportunity to impress WWE officials:

    • Travis Banks
    • Rhys Youngblood
    • Kyote
    • Kade Morgan
    • Shane Whitehead
    • Jade Diamond
    • Savannah Summer
    • Sara Jay
    • Marcus Kool
    • Toni Storm 

    Kyote's size (6'10'', 400 pounds) is sure to get him noticed. He has worked with Chris Hero and Low-Ki in the past and is one of the more experienced prospects who DeMott and company will be looking at.

    Summer is an excellent ring worker who will likely wow the officials in attendance. She has a touch of William Regal-style viciousness to her.

    Even if none of these folks make it past this tryout stage, it's exciting to see WWE reach across the globe in its search of the next great star.